Dugan (disambiguation)

Dugan (disambiguation)

Dugan or Duggan is an Irish surname, and may also refer to:

Fictional characters
Bottle cap from a Dugan's Beer bottle
  • Duggan, a New Zealand TV series with a police Detective Inspector played by John Bach
  • Dixie Dugan, syndicated newspaper comic strip
  • Dugan Duck, Walt Disney comic book character
  • Dum Dum Dugan, fictional character in Marvel Comics
  • Mickey Dugan, "The Yellow Kid", lead fictional character in Hogan's Alley comic strips
  • Pat Dugan, fictional superhero in DC comics
  • President Dugan, the supreme leader of Allied forces in the video game Red Alert 2.
  • Alan Dugan (1923–2003), American poet
  • Dennis Dugan (born 1946), American actor and film director
  • Jeff Dugan (born 1981), American footballer player with the Minnesota Vikings
  • Jeremiah Duggan (1980–2003), British student who died in disputed circumstances linked to the LaRouche movement.
  • Joe Dugan (1897–1982), American baseball player from 1917–1931
  • Mark Duggan (footballer), Irish soccer player
  • Mark Duggan, purported drug dealer and gang member, whose shooting triggered the 2011 London riots.
  • General Michael Dugan (born 1937), former Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force
  • Raymond Smith Dugan, (1878-1940), American Astronomer, textbook author and professor at Princeton University
  • Seán Mór Ó Dubhagáin (d.1372), Irish Gaelic poet.
  • Tom Dugan (1889 - 1955), American actor who was chosen for the first all-talking feature film, Lights of New York.(1928) among hundreds of other hollywood movies. Died in a road accident with a train in 1955.
  • Major General, Sir Winston Joseph Dugan (1877–1951), British administrator who served as governor of South Australia
Other uses

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