Luiseño language

Luiseño language

region=Southern California
fam2=Northern Uto-Aztecan

The Luiseño language is an Uto-Aztecan language of California spoken by the Luiseño, a Native American people who at the time of the first contacts with the Spanish in the 16th century inhabited the coastal area of southern California, ranging 50 miles from the southern part of Los Angeles County, California, to the northern part of San Diego County, California, and inland 30 miles. The people are called "Luiseño" due to their proximity to the Mission San Luis Rey de Francia.

The language is highly endangered, but there is an active language revitalization project assisted by linguists from the University of California, Riverside. A related language spoken by the Juaneño people is extinct.



Luiseño has five vowel phonemes.

Sample Texts

The Lord's Prayer (or the Our Father) in Luiseño, as recorded in "The Sparkman Grammar of Luiseño":

Cham-na’ tuupaña aaukat cham-cha oi ohó’vanma.Toshño om chaami.Loví’i om hish mimchapun ivá’ ooxñ tuupaña axáninuk.Ovi om chaamik cham-naachaxoni choun teméti.Maaxaxan-up om chaamik hish aláxwichi chaam-lo’xai ivianáninuk chaam-cha maaxaxma pomóomi chaami hish pom-lo’xai aláxwichi.Tuusho kamíí’i chaami chaam-lo’xai hish hichakati.Kwavcho om chaami.

Our-father / sky-in / being / we / you / believe / always.Command / you / us.Do / you / anything / whatever / here / earth-on / sky-in / as.Give / you / us-to / our-food / every / day.Pardon / you / us-to / anything / bad / our-doing / this as /we / pardon / them / us / anything / their-doing / bad.Not / allow / us / our-doing / anything / wicked.Care / you / us.

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* Luiseño


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