Jarvis Collegiate Institute

Jarvis Collegiate Institute

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name= Jarvis Collegiate Institute

imagesize= 300px
motto= "Nil Decet Invita Minerva" ("Nothing is seemly, unless with Minerva, Goddess of Wisdom")
streetaddress= 495 Jarvis St.
city= Toronto
province= Ontario
postalcode= M4Y 2G8
areacode= 416
phone= 393-0140
url= http://schools.tdsb.on.ca/jarvisci/
schoolboard= Toronto District School Board
principal= Andrew Gold
schooltype= High school
grades= 9-12
language= English
mascot= Bulldog
teamname= Jarvis Bulldogs
colours= Red, White and Blue
founded= 1807
lastupdate= May 14, 2006

Jarvis Collegiate Institute is a high school in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Jarvis is located on Jarvis Street. Founded in 1807 it is the second oldest high school in Ontario after the Kingston Collegiate and Vocational Institute, and the oldest high school in Toronto.


Jarvis Collegiate is historically significant as the first public secondary school in Toronto. In fact, it was founded, and had a rather brief life, as a private school, beginning in 1797. However, in 1807 the government of Ontario, then known as the British colony of Upper Canada, took over the school and made it part of a network of eight new, public "grammar schools" (secondary schools), one for each of the eight districts of Upper Canada. Jarvis was the grammar school for the Home District, an area covering much of the modern GTA. Its first name was the Home District Grammar School.

These were the early days of Toronto, when the first parliament buildings were established and the first church and the first jail were constructed. In fact, it was only fourteen years earlier that Governor John Grave Simcoe arrived at the unspoiled location on Lake Ontario to lay out the design of the new town he named York.

In its early years Jarvis served only the wealthy families of York.

After a shaky start in the period 1807-1811 - enrolment started at five, rose to twenty, then fell to four - the school gained momentum in 1812 when the redoubtable John Strachan took over as headmaster. In 1839, Strachan became the first Anglican bishop of Toronto, living grandly in a home known as the "Palace" and signing his name (following the "first name / diocese" format customary for Anglican bishops) "John Toronto". He also founded Trinity College.

The original 1807 school building was a shed attached to the headmaster's house. Strachan raised funds for a new two-storey building, completed in 1816 on College Square, a six-acre lot north of St. James' Cathedral, bounded by Richmond, Adelaide, Church and Jarvis Streets. In 1825 the school was renamed the Royal Grammar School. Later the name was changed to Toronto High School. In 1829 it moved to the corner of Jarvis and Lombard Streets. When Upper Canada College was founded in 1829 it shared a building with the Grammar School and for several years the two organizations were essentially unified. UCC eventually moved to its own facilities.

By 1864 the three rooms of the schoolhouse were inadequate for the 150 students, so a new building was constructed on Dalhousie Street, just north of Gould Street, near present-day Ryerson University. In the following decade, once again growing enrolment necessitated a new building. As construction got under way during 1870-1871, classes were held in a vacant insane asylum at Queen's Park, where the east wing of the legislative buildings are located today.

In 1871 the new building opened at 361 Jarvis Street, just south of College Street, directly in front of Allan Gardens. In 1873 Parkdale Collegiate Institute, a second high school, was established in Toronto, precipitating yet another name change, this time from Toronto High School to Jarvis Street High School. The school was given its current name, Jarvis Collegiate Institute, in 1890. In 1924 it moved to its current building.

Jarvis Collegiate celebrated its 200th anniversary in 2007.

"Jarvis Jargon"

The "Jarvis Jargon" is the school's official newspaper, whose slogan is: "For the students, by the students".


* 08 / 09 - Emma Abramowicz, Muna Osman, Rallye Shen, Flora Yu
* 07 / 08 - Emma Abramowicz, Zalika Reid-Benta, Nick Spector.
* 06 / 07 - Max Barkley, Dana Marson, Pedram Mossallanejad, Giorgio Traini. [http://schools.tdsb.on.ca/jarvisci/jargonline/2007/index.html]
* 05 / 06 - Justine Voutt, Max Barkley, Niko Block, Stewart Jackson. [http://schools.tdsb.on.ca/jarvisci/jargonline/2006/index.html]
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* 99 / 00 - Jeff Cooper, Sarah Houghton. [http://schools.tdsb.on.ca/jarvisci/jargonline/credits99.html]
* 98 / 99 - Chris Shantz, Ian Ha

Additional Information

*Jarvis teacher David Reed has been a staff advisor to the Jargon since 1987. [http://schools.tdsb.on.ca/jarvisci/jargonline/credits99.html]
*The Jarvis Jargon also has its own [http://schools.tdsb.on.ca/jarvisci/jargonline/2006/index.html website] .


The Jarvis Jargon has consistently been recognized since 1996 through the annually-held "Toronto Star High School Newspaper Awards" [http://schools.tdsb.on.ca/jarvisci/awards.htm] .

Clubs & Other Groups

Student Council (07/08)

Alice Meng
Lisa Kim
Prachy Mohan
Tanya Akhtar
Angela Sun
Toby Tang (abdicated)

Student Concil (08/09)

Sami Osman
Jennifer Cheung
Peter Trung
Claudianna Sarjue
Doreen To
Tom Nguyen

Sr. Boys Basketball Team (2005-2006)

Jacob Gibson (pg,sg,sf)
Kris Oak (cr)
Jermain (pg)
Ryan T (pf)
Justin Holmes (sg)
Darius S (cr)
Larry Ma (sg)
Awer Ater (sf)
Aaron Makarchuk (pg,sf)
Remeel Phillip (cr)
Joseph Munn (pf,cr)
Coach:Peter M
Assist Coach: Mohit D & Akeem

Bantam Boys Basketball team

Sathish Muneeswaren
Stephan James
Tony Nguyen
Krosh Krisnirajah
Nirraj Rajalingam
Hinock Tekle

Imusici Chamber Ensemble

Multicultural Club


Mr. Deb
Kelly Zhang
Snoweria Zhang

Vice Presidents:

Luis Alcantara Moreno
Charlene Liu


Bonnie Huynh

Communications Director:

Vivian ChanSasha


Science Club

Senior String Ensemble


BAA (2008-2009)

President: Christian Riley Epistola
Vice President: Dartaniel Jackman
Secretary: Albert Kenny Chau
General Members:
Vikchhai Sam
Andy Tran
Daniel Tran
Daniel Z

GAC (2008-2009)

President: Janet Zhou
Vice President: Shan Le
Secretary: Simmy On
General Members:
Lynette Thomas-Woo
Victoria Bacnis
Vivienne Nguyen
Bonnie Pang
Rachel McKay
Jennifer Chew
Crystal Dinh
Annie Teng


2007-2008: Ismam Rashid
2006-2007: Saeeda God
2005-2006: Kai Zhu


In the episode "Birds Of Paradise" (Episode 1x15), of the show "Twice In a Lifetime", the inside and outside of the Jarvis auditorium was used during filming.

In the film "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", there is an exterior shot of the wide entrance of the school.

The current library was the original gym for the school. The upper floors contained an indoor track for use by athletes during the winter.

If you want more information about Jarvis Collegiate because you really wish to know this school, or because you are very curious then what you can do is go to the school website.

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* [http://schools.tdsb.on.ca/jarvisci/ Official site]
* [http://www.jarvis2007.com/ Jarvis Bicentennial Project]
* [http://www.heritagefdn.on.ca/userfiles/HTML/nts_1_6166_1.html Ontario Plaques - Jarvis Collegiate Institute]

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