Shoes That Fit

Shoes That Fit

Shoes That Fit is a non-profit organization based in Claremont, CA that provides shoes and other clothing to kids in need.

Shoes That Fit began in 1992 helping children at one elementary school in Pomona, CA. Today, Shoes That Fit volunteers have programs in more than 700 elementary schools in 31 U. S. states. As of Fall 2005, more than 351,000 new pairs of shoes and clothing items have been delivered directly to schoolchildren in need. Shoes That Fit is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporationand donations are tax deductible.

Shoes That Fit pairs businesses, colleges, and community service groups with youngsters at elementary schools. A local chapter can be started by anyone who can organize a group to purchase items. The school identifies thechildren who need new shoes and clothes. The school nurse measures thechildren with a kit provided by Shoes That Fit. Needed items are purchased by the sponsoring group and given to the children. School personnel have reported improvement in attendance, academic performance and socialization of children helped by Shoes That Fit.

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