Blood (disambiguation)

Blood (disambiguation)

Blood is a red biological fluid comprising plasma, cells and platelets.

Blood(s) may also refer to:


*Blood type, a classification of blood based on red blood cell surface antigens
*"Blood" (journal), a medical hematology journal
*Blood relative, in kinship terminology, those who share a filial connection

Modern media

*'"The Blood" (Seinfeld episode)
*"Blood" (The X-Files)
*An episode of Black Books
*"Blood" (2000 film), starring Adrian Rawlins
*"", an anime movie
*"Blood+", an anime series based on the movie "Blood: The Last Vampire"
*"Trinity Blood"
* Captain Blood (novel), an adventure novel by Rafael Sabatini
* "Blood" (video game)
* "Blood", an autobiography by Jack Youngblood
* Blood, the name of the dog in the film "A Boy and His Dog"


* "Blood" (album), by This Mortal Coil
* "Blood" (Microphones album)
* "Blood", a song by Faith No More on their 1987 album "Introduce Yourself"
* "Blood" (Pearl Jam song)
* "The Blood", a song by The Cure from their 1985 album "The Head on the Door"
* "Blood" (The Editors song)
* "Blood", a hidden track on the 2006 album "The Black Parade" by My Chemical Romance
* The Blood, a British Oi!/Punk Band
* Blood (band), a Japanese Visual Kei Band
* "It's Okay (One Blood)", a song by The Game
* "Blood (Empty Promises)", a song by Papa Roach on the album, "Getting Away with Murder"


*Blood (automobile)
*Blood (surname)
*Bloods, street gang
*United Blood Nation, street gang
*Blood Tribe or the Kainai Nation, a Native American tribe in Alberta, Canada

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