Indians in Barbados

Indians in Barbados

Infobox Ethnic group
group = Indo-Bajans
poptime = 2,000 []
popplace = Bridgetown
langs = English, Hindi
rels = Hinduism, Christianity, Islam
related-c = Non-resident Indian and Person of Indian Origin, Desi

There is 2,000-strong Indian community in Barbados, or Indo-Bajans as they are know. Some came as indentured workers during the 19th century and they were followed by traders and most recently immigrants from Guyana.

The Indo-Guyanese, an important part of the economy due to the increase of immigrants from partner country Guyana. There are reports of a growing Indo-Bajan diaspora originating from Guyana and India. Mostly from southern India and Hindu states, Indo-Bajans are growing in size but smaller than the equivalent communities in Trinidad, Jamaica and Guyana. Hinduism is one of Barbados' growing religions.


* [ Indian Diaspora in the Caribbean]
* [ Racial Integration in Barbados]

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