Denton and Reddish (UK Parliament constituency)

Denton and Reddish (UK Parliament constituency)
Denton and Reddish
Borough constituency
for the House of Commons
Outline map
Boundary of Denton and Reddish in Greater Manchester.
Outline map
Location of Greater Manchester within England.
County Greater Manchester
Electorate 65,684 (December 2010)[1]
Current constituency
Created 1983 (1983)
Member of Parliament Andrew Gwynne (Labour)
Number of members One
European Parliament constituency North West England

Denton and Reddish is a borough constituency represented in the House of Commons of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. It elects one Member of Parliament by the first past the post system of election.



With an electorate of 68,000, located in eastern Greater Manchester, the constituency presently consists of the electoral wards of Audenshaw, Denton North East, Denton South, Denton West, and Dukinfield from the Metropolitan Borough of Tameside, and Reddish North and Reddish South from the Metropolitan Borough of Stockport. It covers the former townships of Audenshaw, Denton, Dukinfield, Haughton Green, Heaton Chapel, Heaton Norris, Lancashire Hill, and Reddish.

Historic boundaries

Prior to the seat's creation in 1983, Reddish was part of the marginal Stockport North constituency; the large Brinnington council estate was in the safe Labour seat of Stockport South; Audenshaw and Denton formed the core of the Manchester Gorton constituency; and Dukinfield was part of the Stalybridge and Hyde constituency.

In 1997, Labour-leaning Brinnington ward was moved out of the constituency and transferred to the Stockport seat, and was replaced with the equally Labour-leaning Dukinfield ward in Tameside. All other wards here are very strongly Labour-inclined, except Audenshaw, which in local elections is presently a three-way marginal between the three main parties, although in parliamentary elections it tends to support Labour as heavily as the rest of the constituency. Labour won Audenshaw ward from the Liberal Democrats in the 2006, 2007 and 2008 local elections.

Historically, both Audenshaw and Denton West returned Conservative councillors, but this has not occurred since 1992 and 1987 respectively.

In the Boundary Commission's provisional recommendations for parliamentary constituencies, which were published in 2005, the Reddish part of the constituency was to be re-patriated with the Stockport constituency. Denton, Audenshaw and Dukinfield would have been joined with Droylsden East, Droylsden West and the St. Peter's wards of Tameside to form a Denton borough constituency, wholly in Tameside. The proposed new seat would almost certainly have remained a Labour stronghold.

However, following a public inquiry into Greater Manchester's constituencies held in late 2005, a number of changes to the original proposals for the county were made. It was recommended that the Denton and Reddish seat should remain unchanged with five wards from Tameside (Denton North East, South and West; Audenshaw and Dukinfield) and two wards from Stockport (Reddish North and Reddish South), with slight readjustments to reflect the new ward boundaries introduced in 2004. The new parliamentary boundaries in Greater Manchester took effect at the 2010 general election.

From 1983 to 1997 the constituency consisted of the following electoral wards:

  • From the Metropolitan Borough of Stockport: Brinnington, Reddish North, Reddish South.
  • From the Metropolitan Borough of Tameside: Audenshaw, Denton North East, Denton South, Denton West.

Members of Parliament

Election Member [2] Party
1983 Andrew Bennett Labour
2005 Andrew Gwynne Labour


Elections in the 2010s

General Election 2010: Denton and Reddish


Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Labour Andrew Gwynne 19,191 51.0 -6.4
Conservative Julie Searle 9,360 24.9 +5.6
Liberal Democrat Stephen Broadhurst 6,727 17.4 +1.5
UKIP William Robinson 2,060 5.5 +2.3
Independent Jeff Dennis 297 0.8 +0.8
Majority 9,831 26.1
Turnout 37,635 58.1 +5.6
Labour hold Swing -6.3

Elections in the 2000s

General Election 2005: Denton and Reddish
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Labour Andrew Gwynne 20,340 57.4 -7.8
Conservative Alex Story 6,842 19.3 -0.3
Liberal Democrat Allison Seabourne 5,814 16.4 +4.0
BNP John Edgar 1,326 3.7 +3.7
UKIP Gerald Price 1,120 3.2 +0.4
Majority 13,498 38.1
Turnout 35,442 51.9 +3.4
Labour hold Swing -3.8
General Election 2001: Denton and Reddish
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Labour Andrew Bennett 21,913 65.2 -0.2
Conservative Paul Newman 6,583 19.6 -1.7
Liberal Democrat Roger Fletcher 4,152 12.4 -0.9
UKIP Alan Cadwallader 945 2.8 N/A
Majority 15,330 45.6
Turnout 33,593 48.5 -18.4
Labour hold Swing

Elections in the 1990s

General Election 1997: Denton and Reddish
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Labour Andrew Bennett 30,137 65.4
Conservative Barbara Nutt 9,826 21.3
Liberal Democrat Iain Donaldson 6,121 13.3
Majority 20,311
Turnout 66.9
Labour hold Swing
General Election 1992: Denton and Reddish[4]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Labour Andrew Bennett 29,021 55.2 +5.6
Conservative Jeff Horswell 16,937 32.2 −1.6
Liberal Democrat Dr Fred Ridley 4,953 9.4 −7.1
Liberal MW Powell 1,296 2.5 +2.5
Natural Law JPG Fuller 354 0.7 +0.7
Majority 12,084 23.0 +7.3
Turnout 52,561 76.8 +1.3
Labour hold Swing +3.6

Elections in the 1980s

General Election 1987: Denton and Reddish
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Labour Andrew Bennett 26,023 49.6
Conservative P Slater 17,773 33.9
Social Democrat T I Huffer 8,697 16.6
Majority 8,250 15.7
Turnout 75.8
Labour hold Swing

General election of 1983

General Election 1983: Denton and Reddish
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Labour Andrew Bennett 22,123 44.2
Conservative J Snadden 16,998 34.0
Social Democrat J Begg 10,869 21.7
Majority 5,125 10.2
Turnout 72.5

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