Telos Doctor Who novellas

Telos Doctor Who novellas

The Telos Doctor Who novellas were a series of tie-in novellas based on the long-running BBC science fiction television series "Doctor Who", officially licensed by the BBC and published by Telos Publishing Ltd. Like all Doctor Who spin-off media, their canonicity in relation to the television series is open to interpretation.

Each novella was published in two formats: standard hardback and deluxe hardback. The BBC's license was specifically only to do hardback fiction (since its BBC Books imprint was concurrently publishing its own line of paperback "Doctor Who" novels), although following further negotiations two of the novellas were subsequently re-printed in paperback. "Deluxe editions" were also published, which were often autographed by the author and/or an actor from the TV series. (For example, the deluxe edition of "Nightdreamers" was signed by the author, the illustrator, and actress Katy Manning who wrote the foreword and whose character Jo Grant appears in the book.)

"Fallen Gods" won the Aurealis Award for best Australian science fiction novel of 2004.

Characters from the novella "The Cabinet of Light" also feature in the "Time Hunter" series of novellas by Telos.

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