Anusapati, the second king of Singhasari (a kingdom located in east Java between 1222 and 1292), was the son of Tunggul Ametung and the first husband of Ken Dedes.

Tunggul Ametung, who was a resident of Singashari before it became a kingdom, was killed by Ken Arok using a cursed keris, a type of Javanese knife, forged by Mpu Gandring. After he killed Tunggul Ametung, Ken Arok married Ken Dedes and built a Singashari Kingdom where he was the first king. Ken Arok married Ken Dedes because she was a very beautiful woman and was the "Nareshwari", who could bring power to any man who married her.

Anusapati was killed by his half-brother, Panji Tohjaya by the same keris he used to kill Ken Arok.The keris is said to be cursed and Ken Arok's next seven generation's will all die by the keris.

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