Glasgow Clinical Research Facility

Glasgow Clinical Research Facility

The Glasgow Clinical Research Facility (Glasgow CRF) is a research center at Glasgow's Western Infirmary. It is located in the West End of Glasgow, Scotland.


Created on the 1 April 2006 from the National Health Service (NHS) Clinical Research Grant Agreement with the CSO. The CRF works closely with its Higher Education partners including the Universities of Glasgow, Strathclyde, the West of Scotland and Glasgow Caledonian University.
The Glasgow CRF is based in the first floor of the Tennent Building, Western Infirmary. It will be linked in the future to a CRF based at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary once it is built.

Current organisation and services

The Glasgow CRF is now part of the greater organisation, the Glasgow Clinical Trials Unit, with their partner the Robertson Centre for Biostatistics. Currently, the Glasgow CRF has 15 nursing staff and 4 administrative staff and are offering research infrastructure support in terms of the provision of trained research staff, dedicated clinical research space and expertise in the conduct of clinical trials. In addition, they have an Education and Training Officer and offer a range of educational opportunities including a one day Good Clinical Practice (GCP) workshop which they run monthly. In conjunction with their partners at the Robertson Centre for Biostatistics they are also able to offer help with protocol design and statistical and data management support.

The Glasgow CRF is managed by a senior staff group comprising, Dr Allan Gaw, the Director of Operations, Anne Gordon, Assistant Director and Lead Nurse and Kirsty Simpson, Senior Administrator. They also have a Scientific Steering Group whose remit is to direct and monitor the operations of the Facility. This group has representation from the NHS, their partner academic institutions and senior clinical researchers.


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