Adolf Kamphausen

Adolf Kamphausen

Adolf Kamphausen (1829-1909) was a German Protestant theologian, born at Solingen and educated at Bonn. In 1855, as private secretary to Bunsen, he assisted him in his great "Bibelwerk". At the same time he was privatdocent at Heidelberg, and in 1863 he became professor of theology at Bonn. He was especially prominent in the revision of Luther's version of the bible and wrote:
* "Das Lied Moses" (1862)
* "Die Hagiographen des alten Bundes übersetzt" (1868)
* "Das Buch Daniel und die neuere Geschichtsforschung" (1893)
* "Die berichtigte Lutherbibel" (1894)
* "Das Verhältnis des Menschenopfers zur israelitischen Religion" (1898)
* "The Book of Daniel", a critical edition of the Hebrew and Aramaic text.




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