Tailrace Tunnels (Toronto)

Tailrace Tunnels (Toronto)

The Tailrace Tunnel's is an elaborate underground tunnel system build in the early 1900's to carry water from the Toronto Hydro-electric Station off the Niagara River.


Most of the Toronto Power Complex lies underground (10 stories), although a two story building on the surface near the water is all that stands to show such a massive hydro-electric plant exist. Inside the complex are several massive AC generators that make the power.

How It Works

The water is brought in from the Niagara River and then down an eight story shaft, where it picks up a massive amount of kinetic energy to turn giant turbines. Long shafts connect the turbines to the generators above. The water then spills out into the Tailrace Tunnels, which take it to the falls, where it joins back up with the river.


The building was decommissioned in the late 1990's.

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