Adger, Alabama

Adger, Alabama

Adger is a small unincorporated town located in the south-western portion of Jefferson County, Alabama, United States, near the city of Bessemer. It is a rural community created and made popular, along with North Johns, when iron ore & coal mines in the area were operating at their peak in the early twentieth Century. Since then the community has seen growth and decline and is now experiencing an upswing in population and business.

Adger has a local post office; two local groceries; and numerous houses of worship. Several individuals also advertise and operate self-employed type businesses which cover several services needed in the area, such as construction, roofing, plumbing, hauling, heavy equipment operation.

Adger is served by a local volunteer fire department as well as a Neighborhood Watch office, which doubles as a working office for Jefferson County Deputies who patrol the area. It is governed by the Jefferson County Commission and the various departments and facets of the County Government. The community hopes to one day have a fully operational Sheriff's Department Sub-station located there in the future.Fact|date=January 2008


The town of Adger is located about 5.0 miles northwest of Bessemer and about 6.5 miles from Interstates 20/59 which merge in Northeast Jefferson County and run through Jefferson County into Tuscaloosa County and westward into reports the area to be 131sq mi. with a population density of 23 miles.Zip code is 35006


The governmental body which oversees the town of Adger is the Jefferson County Commission. Representing Adger and a large portion of West Jefferson County is Commissioner Bobby Humphries. He is also the Commissioner of Roads and Transportation for the County.

There is a Courthouse (Annex) located in downtown Bessemer with a Probate Office and Courtrooms. The main courthouse and most of the county services & offices are located in downtown Birmingham, which is approximately 26 miles to the North East.

Adger lies within the boundaries of the "Bessemer Cut-off Area" and Law enforcement is managed by the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department, under the command of County Sheriff Mike Hale.


Adger is situated in the midst of the iron ore and coal district of Alabama. Coal is still mined in and around Adger by means of underground and strip mining. Steel is manufactured in nearby cities as well. Local mines include, Jim Walter #3; Oak Grove Mine; and Shannon Mine.


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the area (recognized by zip code 35006) had a population of 3,109 in the year 2000. The Median Age of its residents was 37.5yrs with 92.3% White; 6.4% Black; 0.4% Hispanic; 0.9% Other. Updated figures for 2006 are not available from the Census Bureau.


Several trucking companies are located within the area and the entire county is served by rail and air transportation. Bessemer Airport is just south of Adger and Birmingham International Airport is apx 30 miles to the Northeast, along I-20/59.


There are no public schools located in Adger. Grades K-12 attend Oak Grove Schools which are located approximately 10 miles Northwest of Adger. Adger is within easy driving distance of several private schools in the area and apx 45 minuets from several universities including UAB, located downtown Birmingham, and the University of Alabama, located in Tuscaloosa, AL.


Adger has numerous television and radio stations located in and around the cities of Birmingham and Bessemer. Newspapers for the area include the Birmingham News, The Western Star, and The Western Tribune.


Adger is home to several churches which assist in reaching out to the community and bringing people together through faith in God. A small list of churhes are Adger Baptist; Adger Church of God; Adger Holiness; and Bible Comes to Life. Most facilities are new or updated and several of the churches combine each year for a Community Revival.

Points of interest

Adger is apx 6 miles from WaterMark Outlet Mall and Alabama Adventure Amusement Park (formerly Vision Land). Alabama Adventure has rides, shops, attractions, and a Water Park.

Adger is also apx 10 miles from a new state of the art shopping facility located along I-459 between Bessemer & McCalla. The shopping center will host a multiplex theater and several top name retailers.

The Bessemer Civic Center, which hosts many concerts, homeshows, etc. is located at exit 108 along I20/59, and is apx 7 miles from the heart of Adger.


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