Carlo Kopp

Carlo Kopp

Dr. Carlo Kopp is a prominent Australian freelance defence analyst and academic who has published ~300 articles in trade publications such as Defence Today, Air International, Journal of Electronic Defense, Jane's Missiles and Rockets, Australian Aviation and the Asia Pacific Defence Reporter on matters of aerospace technology, stealth, information warfare and Australian defence policy. He is a well-known proponent of the F-22 and has published many articles and papers criticising the selection of the Joint Strike Fighter for the RAAF, and is a cofounder of the Air Power Australia strategy think tank.

Kopp is a Research Fellow in Regional Military Strategy at the Monash Asia Institute in Melbourne, and also lectures in computer science at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. His computer science research effort currently encompasses ad hoc networking, GNSS support protocols, NCW, exploitation of radars for high speed datalink applications, and the information theory underpinning Information Warfare, where he previously contributed much of the foundation theory. His PhD and MSc degrees were supervised by Prof Chris Wallace (computer scientist) at Monash University.

He recently produced a Strategic Insight series paper dealing with the Wedgetail AEW&C system for the Australian Strategic Policy Institute in Canberra, and remains actively engaged in the parliamentary debate on Australian defence policy. Dr Kopp is a senior member of the AIAA, and a member of the IEEE and the Association of Old Crows.

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