Xiàndài Hànyǔ Chángyòng Zìbiǎo

Xiàndài Hànyǔ Chángyòng Zìbiǎo

The "Xiàndài Hànyǔ Chángyòng Zìbiǎo" ( _zh. 现代汉语常用字表 "List of Frequently Used Characters in Modern Chinese") is the list of the 3,500 most frequently used Simplified Chinese characters in Chinese. It was created in 1988 in the People's Republic of China.

The "Xiandai Hanyu changyong zibiao" is for Simplified Chinese only, and Traditional Chinese characters are not part of the List itself. The Traditional Chinese equivalents given on Wikisource (see link below) are for reference purposes.

Some characters have multiple pronunciations. In this case only the commonly used one or ones are given.

Many characters have multiple meanings or shades of meaning not easily conveyable in English with only a few words. The English equivalents given are not intended to be exhaustive or perfectly accurate.

It is comparable to the Jōyō kanji in Japanese.

External links

* [http://lingua.mtsu.edu/chinese-computing/statistics/char/listchangyong.php Frequency list]
* [http://www.moe.edu.cn/edoas/website18/info16840.htm Chinese Ministry of Education List of characters]
* [http://cjk-code.com/ CJK-CODE]

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