Fib may refer to:
* Fib (poetry), a form of poetry similar to haiku
* "Fib", a Pictish kingdom, which went on to become Fife, in modern Scotland
* Fibonacci number, for which Fib is a common abbreviation, used in computer programming.
* A fib or fibbing, a type of deception; an untruth.

FIB is an acronym or abbreviation that may mean one of the following:

* "Facultat d'Informàtica de Barcelona", the Barcelona School of Informatics of the Technical University of Catalonia
* "Fill in the Blank", a type of question.
* Focused ion beam, an analytical instrument used in the semiconductor industry
* Federation of International Bandy, the international governing body for the sport of bandy
* Festival Internacional de Benicàssim, a music festival held in Benicàssim, Castelló, Spain
* Fédération Internationale de Boules - International bocce federation
* The gene encoding fibrinogen
* Forwarding Information Base
* Federal Investigation Bureau, an Austrian federal police force
* "Federal Investigation Bureau", a fictional agency in the 2008 video game "Grand Theft Auto IV", based on the real life Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
* "Folket i Bild" (FiB, "people in pictures") was a Swedish illustrated news magazine (1933-1963) owned by the Swedish Social Democratic Party. After it was sold to a commercial publisher in 1963, the name changed to "FIB Aktuellt" and it was remade into a gentlemen's magazine, gradually turning into pornography. As a reaction, the leftist-political "Folket i Bild/Kulturfront" (FiB/K) was founded in 1972.
* Fricking Illinois Bastard- A derogatory term for citizens of the state of Illinois, predominately used by the citizens of Wisconsin, especially in the Milwaukee area.

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