Eclipse (video game)

Eclipse (video game)

Infobox VG
title = Eclipse

caption = "The second chapter in the game, Blackmoor."
developer = CelTech Studios
license = Freeware
engine = Source engine
released = Jun 17th, 2005 cite web |url= |title=Eclipse Mod for Half-Life 2 Eclipse Available for Download news - Mod DB |accessdate=2008-03-09]
genre = Action-adventure, puzzle
modes = Single-player
platforms = Microsoft Windows
media = Download
requirements = 1.2 GHz processor, 256 MB RAM, DirectX 7 level graphics card, Half-Life 2
input = Keyboard, Mouse

"Eclipse" is a mod for the video game "Half-Life 2". It is a fantasy themed action-adventure viewed in 3rd person. "Eclipse" was developed by CelTech Studios, a group of students from The Guildhall at SMU and released June 17th, 2005.cite web |url= |title=Mods of 2005 |accessdate=2008-01-28 |format=Page 5 |work=ModDB ] cite web |url= |title=Eclipse Mod for Half-Life 2 Eclipse Available for Download news - Mod DB |accessdate=2008-03-09]


Eclipse is a third-person total conversion of Valve's Half-Life 2. Eclipse is an action/adventure game featuring puzzles and combat. The player plays a character named Violet, a young sorceress with telekinetic abilities. [cite web | url = | publisher = 1up | title = Enter the Guildhall | accessdate = 2008-08-25 ] This ability allows Violet to pick up and throw objects; this is what the player uses to fight. Violet eventually learns new abilities like Hellstorm, an ability to summon up to three "Fairy Orbs" which can cause significant damage.

Critical reaction

"Eclipse" received the ModDB 2005 Editor's Choice award for released mods from Mod DB. ModDB highlighted an interesting telekenisis-based combat, gorgeous visuals, excellent level design and original soundtrack.


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