Personal Injury Service

Personal Injury Service

Personal Injury Service may refer to the act of receiving or claiming compensation for work related injuries.There are many Law firms who specialize in assisting people who have been injured while at work. Often when an accident occurs in the workplace it is often the cause of negligence on the part of the employer. This is where lawyers can help by providing a Personal Injury Service to the victim of the accident by representing their needs in a court of law and hopefully receive some compensation for any inconvenience caused by an employers negligence.

It also may be used in conjunction with:

* Health Insurance - A form of group insurance, where individuals pay premiums or taxes in order to help protect themselves from high or unexpected healthcare expenses.

*Workers' compensation - To protect employees who have incurred work-related injuries.

* Damages - legal term referring to the financial compensation recoverable by reason of another's breach of duty; the money paid or awarded to a plaintiff.

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