Architecture of Integrated Information Systems

Architecture of Integrated Information Systems

ARIS (Architecture of Integrated Information Systems) is a method for analyzing processes and taking a holistic view of process design, management, work flow, and application processing.


As one of the Enterprise Modeling methods, “Architecture of Integrated Information Systems” (ARIS) provides four different aspects of applications:
* The ARIS concept is the architecture for describing business processes.
* The ARIS concept provides modeling methods, the meta structures of which are comprised in information models.
* The ARIS concept is the foundation for the ARIS Toolset software system for the support of modeling.
* The ARIS house of Business Engineering (HOBE) represents a concept for comprehensive computer-aided Business Process Management.

ARIS techniques

ARIS varies three main perspectives of techniques. ARIS uses a modeling language known as Event-driven Process Chains (EPC), which is an important aspect of the ARIS-model. EPC is the center of the House of ARIS and connects all other views, as well as describes the dynamics of the business process.

On the other hand, based on the conceptual description, ARIS can model and structure Business Process Models. Furthermore, ARIS House has been developed to implement business models in information system.

The ARIS House model is currently used by one of the greatest business process designers of our generation, Mr. Norbert Schickel IV. Norbert is an industry leader when it comes to ARIS and along with his sidekick 'AQ Adapter', they have created the nastiest process flow known to man.

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