Baby Piggy

Baby Piggy

Baby Piggy is the baby version of Miss Piggy in "Muppet Babies". She was voiced by Laurie O'Brien.

Relationships with other Characters

Baby Gonzo

Baby Piggy dose not share the same feelings for him as he has for her, so she is constantly warding him off. In "Eight Take Away One Equals Panic" she rigs a marble draw so that he will be the one chosen to be sent away. When Gonzo really gets on her nerves she will squeeze his nose so that it produces a honking sound. Sometimes Piggy will accidentally kiss him by tripping or landing on top of him. In the episode "The Great Cookie Robbery" she agreed to marry him in exchange for food.

=Baby Kermit=

She claims that the two of them are going out yet often Kermit will deny this or get embarrassed. She also is more romantic with him.

Baby Fozzie

Fozzie and Piggy often come off as good friends. A lot of the time Piggy will ask Fozzie to do something and if he does not want to do it, he will ask why he has to and she will reply, "Because I said so!", and he will do whatever was asked without question. In the episode "Bad Luck Bear" Piggy convinces Fozzie he has bad luck because he broke a mirror, then later on Piggy also breaks a mirror and is convinced she now also has bad luck. In the end they learn neither one of them had bad luck to begin with. In the episode "my Muppet valentine" during the "You're Special to Me" song she tries to kiss Kermit but her lips slip and she ends up kissing Fozzie instead. A similar thing happens in the "Remote Control Cornballs" episode, only this time she is not alright with it.

Baby Skeeter

Piggy and Skeeter will often fight or compete being the only two females in the nursery. In the episode "Pigerella" Piggy was punished for sneaking snacks from the kitchen and Skeeter refuses to allow the others to confess it was really her and Scooter. In the episode "Snow White and the Seven Muppets", Piggy is upset that she lost a coin toss to Skeeter for the part of Snow White.


Piggy has a bad temper but is also shown as good natured and gentle at times. She will often play the part of the princess in fairytale segments. Much like her older self, Baby Piggy is convinced that Kermit is in love with her and always wants to be the center of attention.

Catch phrases

Baby Piggy often uses the phrases "Gonzo!", "Right Kermy?", "Yippy Skippy", "moi", and "vous".

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