List of privateers

List of privateers

A privateer was a private warship authorized by a country's government by letters of marque to attack foreign shipping. Privateers were an accepted part of naval warfare from the 16th to the 19th centuries, authorised by all significant naval powers.

Notable privateers included:
* Victual Brothers or Vitalians or Likedeelers 1360-1401
* Gödeke Michels (leader of the Likedeelers) 1360-1401
* Klaus Störtebeker Wismar, (leader of the Likedeelers), 1360-1401
* Didrik Pining, German, c. 1428-1491
* Paúel Benecke, Gdansk, c. 1440s-1490s
* Kemal Reis, Turkish, c. 1451-1511
* Oruç Reis (Barbarossa), Turkish, c. 1474-1518
* Barbarossa Hayreddin Pasha, Turkish, 1478-1546
* Turgut Reis (Dragut), Turkish, c. 1485-1565
* Timoji, Hindu, 1496-1513
* Murat Reis the Older, Turkish, c. 1506-1609
* Sir Francis Drake, English, c. 1540-1596
* Sir George Somers, English 1554-1610
* Captain Christopher Newport, English, c. 1561-1617
* Magnus Heinason, Faroese, c. 1568-1578 privateer in Dutch service under the Dutch revolt and 1580s, and privateer and merchant in Danish service on the Faroe Islands c. 1578-1589
* Piet Hein, Dutch, 1577-1629
* Alonso de Contreras, Spanish, 1582-1641, privateer against the Turks under the banner of the Order of Malta and later commanded Spanish ships.
* James Erisey, English, 1585-1590s
* Peter Easton, England/Newfoundland, c. 1611-1614
* Sir Henry Morgan, Welsh, 1635-1688
* Jean Bart, French, 1651-1702
* William Dampier, English, 1652-1715
* [ Nicolas Baeteman] , Dunkirker 1659-1720
* Alexander Dalzeel, Scotland, c. 1662-1715
* René Duguay-Trouin, French, 1673-1736
* Kanhoji Angre, Maratha, 1698-1729
* Lars Gathenhielm, Swedish, 1710-1718
* Fortunatus Wright, English of Liverpool, 1712-1757
* David Hawley, colonial United States, 1741-1807
* Jonathan Haraden, colonial United States, 1744-1803
* George Colby, British, 1754-1763
* Alexander Godfrey, colonial Nova Scotia, 1756-1803
* Robert Surcouf, French, 1773–1827
* Jean Lafitte 1776-1854? A a French Louisiana hero in the Gulf of Mexico.
* Ephraim Sturdivant, United States, 1782-1868
* Hipólito Bouchard, Argentina, 1783-1843
* Louisa, ship, of Philadelphia United States, 1800s during Quasi-War with the French
* Bully Hayes, United States, c. 1829-1877

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