Hunt (surname)

Hunt (surname)

People with the surname Hunt include:

Real people

*Aaron Hunt (born 1986), German soccer player
*Albert Hunt, American engineer, inventor of the wigwag
*Alfred Hunt (steel magnate) (1817-1888), American industrialist, first president of Bethlehem Iron Company
*Alfred E. Hunt (1855-1899), a founder of the company that became the aluminum company Alcoa
*Arthur Surridge Hunt, English egyptologist
*Ben Hunt (1888-1927), Major League Baseball player
*Bonnie Hunt (born 1964), American writer and actress
*Dave Hunt (born 1926), American Christian apologist and author
*David Hunt, Baron Hunt of Wirral (born 1942), British politician
*E. Howard Hunt (1918-2007), White House "plumber" and author of spy novels
*Francesca Hunt (born c. 1964), British actress
*Frank W. Hunt (1871-1906), former Governor of Idaho
*George W. P. Hunt (1859-1934), first Governor of the State of Arizona
*George Ward Hunt (1825-1877), British politician
*Greg Hunt (born 1965), Australian politician
*Henry George Bonavia Hunt 1847-1917, founder of the Trinity College of Music, London
*H. Guy Hunt (born 1933), Baptist preacher and former Governor of Alabama
*H. L. Hunt (1889-1974), American oil tycoon
*Helen Hunt (born 1963), American actress
*Henry Hunt (politician) (1773-1835), radical British speaker
*Henry Jackson Hunt (1819-1889), American Civil War commander
*James Hunt (1947-1993), British Formula One race car driver
*James Henry Leigh Hunt (1784-1859), English critic, essayist, and poet
*Jerry Hunt (born 1943), American composer
*Jim Hunt (born 1937), former Governor of North Carolina
*John Hunt (Quaker exile) (1712-1778), Quaker minister from London, England, one of the Virginia Exiles
*John Hunt (Quaker minister) (1740-1824), Quaker minister from New Jersey
*Jonathan Hunt, various people
*Karmichael Hunt (born 1986), an Australian rugby league player for the Brisbane Broncos
*Kimberly Hunt, award-winning news anchor, San Diego, California
*Lamar Hunt (1932-2006), American sportsman, son of H. L. Hunt
*Linda Hunt, (born 1945), American actress
*Mark Hunt, (born 1974), kickboxer and mixed martial artist from New Zealand
*Marsha Hunt (US actress) (born 1917), American actress
*Marsha Hunt (singer and novelist) (born 1946), singer ("Hair") and novelist
*Nelson Bunker Hunt (born 1926), American financier who cornered the world silver market in 1980
*Sir Peter Hunt, British Army officer
*Peter R. Hunt (1925-2002), director and film editor
*Richard Morris Hunt (1827-1895), US architect
*Robert Hunt, several people
*Roger Hunt, MBE (born 1938), English footballer, 1966 FIFA World Cup’s winner
*Ron Hunt (born 1941), former Major League Baseball player
*Stephen Hunt, several people
*Swanee Hunt, American ambassador, academic, daughter of H. L. Hunt
*Thomas Hunt, several people
*Tristram Hunt (born 1974), British historian
*Walter Hunt, American inventor
*Washington Hunt (1811-1867), former Governor of New York
*William Hunt, several people
*William Henry Hunt (judge) (1857–1949), American judge and commonwealth governor
*William Henry Hunt (painter) (1790–1864), English painter
*William Holman Hunt (1827-1910), British Pre-Raphaelite painter
*William Morris Hunt (1824-1879), American painter

Fictional characters

*Dylan Hunt, two television characters
*Deirdre Hunt in "Coronation Street"
*Ethan Hunt, main character in "Mission Impossible" movies
*Gene Hunt, main character in "Life on Mars" and "Ashes to Ashes"

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