Crime in Pakistan

Crime in Pakistan

Crime in Pakistan is present in various forms. Organised crime includes drug trafficking, money laundering, forged Indian currency printing, extortion, murder for hire and fraud. Other criminal operations engage in human trafficking, corruption, black marketeering, political violence, terrorism, abduction etc.

Pakistan falls under the Golden Crescent,[1] which is one of the two major illicit opium producing centres in Asia.[2] Opium poppy cultivation in Pakistan is estimated to be 800 hectares in 2005 yielding a potential production of 4 metric tons of heroin.[3] Opium is cultivated primarily in the North-West Frontier Province and Pakistan-Afghanistan border.[1] Until the late 1970s, opium production levels were relatively static; it increased after 1979.[1]

Since the beginning of the 1980s, drug trafficking is flourishing in Pakistan.[1] Opium production in Pakistan increased in part due to the "Taliban Effect"(the increasingly conservative views towards both the freedom of women and religion) in Afghanistan. One of the results was the influence on Afghan women to move their families to Pakistan. Once in Pakistan, they were more able to take on important economic roles such as poppy cultivation.[4] Pakistan is a key transit point for Afghan drugs, including heroin, opium, morphine, and hashish, bound for Western countries, the Arab states of the Persian Gulf, and Africa.[3]

An estimated $4 billion is generated from drug trafficking in Pakistan.[5]

Petty crime like theft is common.[6]

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