Prince Karl of Auersperg

Prince Karl of Auersperg

Karl of Auersperg (1814–1890) was an Austrian statesman and the 8th prince of Auersperg.

On the advent of the new constitutional era, in 1861, he became a member of the Upper Chamber of the Reichsrat. As a representative of the Liberal landed proprietors of the Diet of Bohemia, and afterward as president of the Austrian House of Peers, he took a conspicuous part in defending the constitutional system against clerical and feudal reaction and the union of the Empire. He presided over the Austrian ministry in 1868 and subsequently was a zealous supporter of the Liberal cabinet, at the head of which was his brother Adolph.

He was married to Countess Ernestine Festetics de Tolna, daughter of Count Ernõ János Vilmos.

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