With Me (Sum 41 song)

With Me (Sum 41 song)

Infobox Single
Name = With Me

Artist = Sum 41
from Album = Underclass Hero
Released = 2008
Format = Digital Download
Recorded = November 6, 2006 - March 2007
Genre = Alternative rock
Length = 4:51
Label = Island Records
Writer = Deryck Whibley
Producer = Deryck Whibley
Chart position =
Last single = "Walking Disaster"
This single = "With Me"
Next single =
Misc = Extra tracklisting
Album = Underclass Hero
Type = Studio
prev_track = "The Jester"
prev_no = 8
this_track = "With Me"
track_no = 9
next_track = "Pull the Curtain"
next_no = 10

"With Me" is the third single from Sum 41's 2007 studio album "Underclass Hero". The first live performance of With Me was on January 26, 2008 at the Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, Florida. [ [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXKEIdctI_8 YouTube - Sum 41 "With Me" on Jimmy Kimmel Live 1-29-08 ] ] On February 4th, Sum 41 announced that they filmed the video for "With Me" on February 3rd. The song was featured on Season 1, Episode 7 of Gossip Girl. [ [http://www6.islandrecords.com/site/artist_newsinfo.php?uf_item_id=2-1682097&uf_system_id=0&artist_id=259 Sum 41 official website @ IslandRecords.com - Home ] ] . The song has yet to be released as a CD single; and has only been available as a digital single. Rumors have circulated that The long awaited B-side that Deryck Whibley is currently mixing; will be released on the CD single, if it ever comes out.

Music video

The music video was released on the band's MySpace page on February 28. The band announced that the video was shot near Toronto, Ontario. It starts off with Deryck Whibley playing an acoustic guitar as shots show around the house he is playing in. There are many shots of pictures and people. Each of these people have different uses for pictures and photos (eg. the old man uses his pictures to remember his old days in the army and the young couple use them to take photos of themselves together). There is then shots of Deryck, Cone and Steve Jocz playing in a room where they play the chorus of the song, they then use this room to play the rest of the song in. We then learn more about the people and why their pictures are so important to them, more is revealed about them as the second verse goes on, then, just before the second chorus a framed picture with a moving image of Deryck walking is shown. As Deryck walks, the environment behind him changes rapidly showing many different places. After this, the song goes back to being acoustic for 8 bars. during this, Deryck is shown playing his acoustic guitar again. Also, the people in the house begin to freeze frame and turn into framed pictures of themselves. The song then continues and ends. The video shows about the many aspects of the song, like the line "I'll hold onto this moment you know" could mean the old man holding onto the moments he had when he was in the army or the old couple holding onto the moments they had when they had when they first met.

External links

* [http://sum41.com Sum 41 Official Site]
* [http://myspace.com/sum41 Sum 41 Official MySpace]


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