No. 416 Squadron RCAF

No. 416 Squadron RCAF

416 Tactical Fighter Squadron (abbreviated 416 TFS) was a fighter squadron of the Canadian Forces' and the Royal Canadian Air Force. It was most recently stationed at CFB 4 Wing Cold Lake, where it operated the CF-18 Hornet. In 2006, 416 TFS stood down and was amalgamated with 441 TFS into 409 TFS.


No. 416 Squadron RCAF was formed Peterhead in 1941 as a fighter squadron for service during World War II and based at various RAF bases in Scotland. It was disbanded after 1946.

The Squadron was reformed in 1952 at RCAF Uplands in Ottawa, Ontario for operations in France as part Canada's Cold War presence in Europe. By 1957, the squadron was relocated to Canada at CFB Chatham in Chatham, New Brunswick as an air defence squadron.

In 1985 the Squadron relocated to CFB Cold Lake as a Tactical Fighter Squadron and later merged with No. 441 Squadron RCAF (Tactical Fighter Squadron) to reform No. 409 Squadron RCAF in 2006.


See [ No. 416 Squadron]


No 416's motto was AD SALTUM PARATUS - "Ready to Leap". The squadron's nickname was City of Oshawa, Lynx.

Battle Honours

* Defence of Britain 1942-44
* Arnhem Fortress Europe 1942-44
* English Channel and North Sea 1943
* Dieppe Normandy Rhine France and Germany 1944-45
* Gulf War 1991


* Supermarine Spitfire
* North American P-51 Mustang
* Canadair T-33
* Canadair Sabre (Mk.2, Mk.5 and Mk.6)
* Avro Canada CF-100 Avro Canada CF-100
* McDonnell Douglas CF-101 Voodoo
* McDonnell Douglas CF-18 Hornet


External links

* [ Air Force merges two fighter squadrons into one at 4 Wing Cold Lake]
* [ DND - History of 416 Squadron]

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