List of islands of United Kingdom

List of islands of United Kingdom

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has thousands of islands within its territory and several external territories. This is a list of selected British islands grouped by Constituent country or Overseas territory. The largest British island is Great Britain, which forms a substantial majority of the United Kingdom and is the 8th largest island in the world.

Constituent Countries


* Barrow Island
* Brownsea Island
* Canvey Island
* Coquet Island
* Drake's Island
* Eddystone
* Farne Islands
** Staple Island
* Foulness
* Furzey Island
* Green Island
* Havergate Island
* Hayling Island
* Hilbre Island
* Isle of Portland
* Isle of Sheppey
* Isle of Wight (England's largest island)
* Isles of Scilly
** Annet
** Bryher
** Gugh
** Samson
** St Agnes
** St Helen's
** St Martin's
** St Mary's
** Tresco
* Lindisfarne
* Lundy
** Seal's Rock
* Mersea Island
* Pilsey Island
* Portsea Island
* Read's Island
* Roa Island
* Seghy Island
* Steep Holm
* Thorney Island
* Virtle Rock
* Wallasea Island
* Walney Island

Northern Ireland

* Boa Island
* Canon Rock
* Copeland Islands
** Big Copeland Island
** Lighthouse Island
** Mew Island
* Devenish Island
* Loughbrickland Crannog
* Lustybeg Island
* Lustymore Island
* Rathlin Island
* Ram's Island
* White Island


* Arran
* Isle of Skye
* Jura
* Lewis and Harris
* Orkney
** Mainland
* Shetland
* Rockall


* Anglesey (Largest island of Wales)
** Church Island
** Cribinau
** East Mouse
** Holy Island
** Middle Mouse
** North Stack
** Puffin Island
** Salt Island
** The Skerries
** South Stack
** West Mouse
* Bardsey Island
* Caldey Island
* Cardigan Island
* Flat Holm
* Ramsey Island
* Skokholm
* Skomer Island
* Sully Island

Overseas Territories

Akrotiri and Dhekelia


* Anguilla
* Anguillita
* Dog Island
* Prickly Pear Cays
* Sandy Island, also known as Sand Island
* Scrub Island
* Seal Island
* Sombrero, also known as Hat Island

Ascension Island

Ascension Island is a dependency of Saint Helena.

* Ascension Island
* Boatswain Bird Island
** Boatswain Bird Rock
* Tartar Rock
* White Rocks


* Boaz Island
* Castle Island
* Hawkins Island
* Ireland Island
* Nonsuch Island
* Ordnance Island
* Paget Island
* Saint David's Island
* Saint George's Island
* Smith's Island
* Somerset Island
* Trunk Island

British Antarctic Territory

Much of the British Antarctic Territory is also included in the overlapping claims of Chile and Argentina. None of these claims have gained wide international recognition and all are regulated by the Antarctic Treaty

* Adelaide Island
* Astrolobe Island
* Berkner Island
* Dundee Island
* D'Urville Island
* James Ross Island
** Lockyer Island
* Joinville Island
* Snow Hill Island
* South Orkney Islands
** Coronation Island
** Inaccessible Islands
** Laurie Island
** Powell Island
** Robertson Island
** Saddle Islands
** Signy Island
* South Shetland Islands
** Aitcho Islands
*** Barrientos Island
*** Emeline Island
*** Jorge Island
*** Cecilia Island, named "Isla Torre" by Chile
*** Sierra Island
*** Passage Rock
*** Morris Rock
** Clarence Island
** Deception Island
** Elephant Island
*** Cornwallis Island
*** Gibbs Island
*** Rowett Island
*** Seal Islands
** Greenwich Island
** King George Island
*** Bridgeman Island
*** Penguin Island
** Livingston Island
*** Desolation Island
*** Half Moon Island
*** Rugged Island
** Low Island
** Nelson Island
** Robert Island
** Smith Island
** Snow Island
* Vega Island
* ZigZag Island

British Indian Ocean Territory

* Blenheim Reef
* Danger Island
* Diego Garcia
* Eagle Islands
** Eagle Island (Ile Aigle)
** Ile Aux Vaches
* Egmont Islands
** Eastern Egmont (Ile Sud-Est)
** Ile aux Rats
** Ile Carre Pate
** Ile Cipaye
** Ile Lubine
* Ganges Bank
* Great Chagos Bank
* Nelsons Island
* Owen Bank
* Peros Banhos
* Pitt Bank
* Salomon Islands
** Ile Anglaise
** Ile Boddam
** Ile Charles
** Ile de la Passe
** Ile Diable
** Ile Du Sel
** Ile Fouquet
** Ile Jacobin
** Ile Mapou
** Ile Poule
** Ile Sepulture
** Takamaka Islands
*** Ile Takamaka
* Speakers Bank
* Victory Bank
* Wright Bank

British Virgin Islands

* Anegada
** Horseshoe Reef
** Little Anegada
* Beef Island
** Bellamy Cay
** Whale Rock
* Dog Islands
** George Dog Island
** Great Dog Island
** Seal Dog Islands
*** East Seal Dog Island
*** Little Seal Dog Island
** West Dog Island
* Jost Van Dyke
** Little Jost Van Dyke
* Little Sisters
** Carvel Rock
** Cooper Island
** Flanagan Island
** Ginger Island
** Norman Island
** Pelican Island
*** Carrot Rock
*** Dead Chest Island
** Salt Island
* Tortola
** Buck Island
* Virgin Gorda
** Eustatia Island
** Fallen Jerusalem Island
** Mosquito Island
** Necker Island
** Round Rock

Cayman Islands

* Cayman Brac
* Grand Cayman
* Little Cayman
** Owen Island

Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands are also claimed by Argentina, see Sovereignty of the Falkland Islands.

* East Falkland
** Sea Lion Island
*** Rum Island
* West Falkland
** Jason Islands
*** Elephant Jason Island
*** Flat Jason Island
*** Grand Jason Island
*** South Jason Island
*** Steeple Jason Island
** Passage Islands
** Pebble Island
*** East Island
*** Golding Island
*** Pebble Islet
*** Rabbit Island
** Saunders Island
** Swan Islands
** Weddel Island


Gough Island


* Montserrat
** Goat Islet
** Little Redonda

Pitcairn Islands

* Ducie Island
** Acadia Islet
** Edwards Islet
** Pandora Islet
** Westward Islet
* Henderson Island
* Oeno Island
** Sandy Island
* Pitcairn Island

Saint Helena

* Ascension Island
** Boatswain Bird Island

South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands are also claimed by Argentina. See Sovereignty of the Falkland Islands.

* Black Rock
* Clerke Rocks
* Shag Rocks
* South Georgia
** Annenkov Island
** Bird Island
** Cooper Island
** Grassholm
** Grass Island
** Pickersgill Islands
** Welcome Islands
** Willis Islands
*** Main Island
*** Trinity Island
* South Sandwich Islands
** Candlemas Islands
** Central Islands
** Southern Thule
** Traversay Islands

Tristan da Cunha

* Nightingale Islands
** Middle Island
** Nightingale Island
** Stoltenhoff Island

Turks and Caicos Islands

* Turks Islands
** Grand Turk Island
** Salt Cay
*** Cotton Cay
* Caicos Islands

ee also

The Crown dependencies are not part of the United Kingdom. For details of islands within their territories, see:

*Isle of Man

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