SunStang Solar Car Project

SunStang Solar Car Project

The SunStang Solar Car Project is a non-profit, student-run mega project at the University of Western Ontario (UWO) that participates in international solar races, most notably the World Solar Challenge and the North American Solar Challenge. The team consists of undergraduate and graduate students from faculties as varied as Engineering, Social Sciences, and the Ivey School of Business. Funding comes from industry sponsors and personal donations, as well as support from UWO. It is the largest budget mega-project of the Faculty of Engineering at UWO, approaching $300,000 biennially, including race expenditures [] . SunStang's directive is to foster a team environment where, through active participation and mentorship, students are able to learn and apply skills useful not only for the construction of a solar vehicle, but also for the benefit of personal and mutual growth and development.

Team History and Accomplishments

The project was conceived in 1991 as an honors research project and within two years saw its first competition in the 1993 World Solar Challenge. 1994-95 brought forth a new challenge: the Sunrayce95. SunStang designed and built a completely new car to tackle this challenge. The 1996 Canadian Solar Discovery Challenge was not only a first for Canadian solar car racing, but also marked SunStang’s first victory. Encouraged by this success, SunStang set out to create a car for the 1996 World Solar Challenge. The team finished 2nd of the North American teams and 12th over all in the world out of 40 competitors; SunStang's greatest accomplishment to date. In 1997 SunStang was awarded the Spirit Award for the Sunrayce competition. Since then, SunStang has participated in the 2005 and 2007 World Solar Challenges.

SunStang's Participation in Solar Rayces:

unStang Vehicle Evolution

unStang '93

unStang '96

unStang '03

unStang '05

unStang '07

World Solar Challenge 2007

The SunStang team encountered serious challenges at the 2007 WSC. Within 30 minutes from the start line, just at the outskirts of Darwin, the solar vehicle struck a large rock situated on the road at a speed of 65 km/h. [ SunStang Blog ] ] The resulting accident cause the vehicle to spin violently into the ditch. The driver was unharmed. Severe damage was inflicted on the rear suspension as the in-wheel electric motor was completely fractured from the chassis. The upper and lower shells of the vehicle body also sustained moderate damage. After receiving help from a nearby cattle rancher in the form of two steel plates, the team was able to sandwich the rear suspension back onto the carbon-foam-core chassis. The SunStang was back on the road within 5 hours. [ [ The Gazette :: Strong showing for Sunstang ] ] However, continuing concerns over safety of the in-wheel motor precluded completion of the race without SunStang being hauled in a trailer. After the race was called off due to severe weather storms, the team made it to the finish line at Adelaide on October 28, 2007.

Sunstang '09

The sunstang team is going to be switching their focus. They will no longer be creating a competitive solar race vehicle but will be attempting to create a practical solar assisted electric vehicle, making the next logical step from race vehicle towards a production ready model.


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