Small unit riverine craft

Small unit riverine craft

The small unit riverine craft (SURC) is rigid-hull, armed and armored patrol boat used by the US Marines and US Navy to maintain control of rivers and inland waterways.

According to the Navy, “The primary mission of the SURC is to provide tactical mobility and a limited weapons platform for the ground combat element of a Marine Air Ground Task Force in littoral and riverine environments.” [ Wavelengths Online. “Small Unit Riverine Craft”, May 17, 2004] ] The boat’s secondary mission includes “command and control, reconnaissance, logistic/resupply, medevac, counter-drug operations, humanitarian assistance, peacekeeping, and noncombatant evacuation operations.”

The boat is transportable by C-130 aircraft and can be launched from its trailer at lakeside.

The boats were first deployed to Iraq and are currently in use there by the US Navy and US Marine Corps. The United States Navy Riverine Squadrons, units of the Navy Expeditionary Combat Command (NECC) are using the boats to patrol strategic areas of Iraq.

The boats are built by Raytheon Naval & Maritime Integrated Systems, with a contract to build up to 100 boats. Raytheon’s contract partners are Safe Boats International of Port Orchard, Washington and Boat Master of Fort Myers, Florida.

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