Lady Illusion

Lady Illusion

Lady Illusion is a hero/villain from the BBC programme, Ace Lightning. Originally programmed to be Lord Fear's sidekick, Lady Illusion quickly abandoned her programming and fell in love with Ace, who had never experienced emotions before. Despite the fact she is supposed to hate Ace, Lady Illusion cannot find it in her heart to hate him and she helps him secretly. Lady Illusion is a mistress of illusion, able to shapeshift into any human or animal form. She is unique among the show's villains in that she isn't shown to have a carnival attraction in which she recovers her strength.


*Lady Illusion can shapeshift into any animal or humanoid form. She is also able to minic others' powers.
*Explosive crystal balls that can unleash a sleeping gas or spy on an individual from far away. She can also create larger ones to trap opponents. Apparently she has perfect aim when throwing them.
*Lady Illusion has the agility of a spider, enabling her to jump great distances and stick to walls. In the videogame she can also control huge spiders.
*Upgraded orange crystal balls can give a game character human emotions or take them away.
*She has greater physical strength than her physique would suggest, though she is not superstrong to the extent of Random Virus or Ace Lightning.
*Able to control giant spiders in the videogame (most of the enemies in her funhouse are spider-like).


Lady Illusion was originally programmed to be Lord Fear's mistress. In the first several episodes, she did not generally speak much and followed Lord Fear's orders. She disguised herself as Mr. Chesebrough, to steal Mark's piece of the Amulet and then kill him, but Ace Lightning chased her out. Lady Illusion then struck on her own after having a row with Fear and unexpectedly fell in love with Ace. Lord Fear tracked her down and they returned to the carnival, Lady Illusion pretending that she only faked her attraction to Ace. However, nothing could stop them from falling in love and Lady Illusion eventually betrayed Lord Fear. Staff Head, however, found out of her fling with Ace and blackmailed her into performing Lord Fear's evil deeds, otherwise he would tell Lord Fear the truth. In the end, Lady Illusion ultimately betrayed Lord Fear and watched him die at the end of the series, not caring for him.

In Season 2, Lady Illusion disguised herself as a housekeeper, Felicity Fury, and worked in Mark's house, secretly hunting for the fragments of the Amulet for Lord Fear. Lady Illusion was upgraded by Kilobyte with powers to give Ace human emotions. Lady Illusion stayed hidden for most of Season 2, but in the finale, after she heard from Sparx Ace still loved her, she disguised herself as Ace and destroyed Kilobyte. But Lord Fear, not knowing, then blasted her and she later died in Ace's arms. In Season 3, Lady Illusion was to have been trapped in the Sixth Dimension with Rick. Ace would come to save her from Kilobyte.

"Ace, those human emotions, they made you weak. Before I go, I have the power to take them away. My last gift to you..""

In the Videogame

Lady Illusion is the boss of the House of Illusion. She attacks by teleporting along a series of platforms and throwing exploding balls which turn into power spheres for Ace's lightning lance if they miss. Whenever Ace hits her, she teleports into a crystal ball in the middle of the room and summons a number of giant spiders proportianate to how many times she's been hit (one the first time, two the second time, etc.). She reappears in the final battle of the game, teleporting around the room and throwing more balls at Ace after he hits Lord Fear a few times. Her characterisation is quite distinct from the show and she flirts with Ace much more openly.

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