Korea Maritime University

Korea Maritime University

Infobox University
name = Korea Maritime University
native_name = _ko. 국립한국해양대학교

image_size = 230px
caption = Campus view
motto = Pursue the truth, develop the culture, discipline oneself
_ko. 진리탐구•문화창조•인격도야
established = November 05 1945
type = National
endowment =
president = Soon-Kap Kim
faculty = 230
undergrad = 8900
postgrad = Source not available
city = Yeongdo-gu, Busan
country = South Korea
coor =
colours =
nickname =
mascot = Black-tailed Gull
athletics =
affiliations =
website = [http://www.hhu.ac.kr/ www.hhu.ac.kr]
Infobox Korean name
hangul = 한국해양대학교
hanja = 韓國海洋大學校
rr = Hanguk Haeyang Daehakgyo
mr = Han'guk Haeyang Taehakkyo

Korea Maritime University is a South Korean national university for maritime study and transportation engineering. It is located at the end of peninsula on the east cost of Yeongdo-gu in Busan. The college of Maritime Sciences is similar to Kings Point. Students must wear uniforms and participate in several drills along with their academics.


The university was established in November 1945 after Korea was liberated from Japanese occupation. Chinhae High Seamans School, a Japanese institution with majority of Korean students until the liberation of Korea, was re-established with Korean faculty and students under the leadership of Dr. Lee Si-hyung. The school became a national immediately after its foundation, and named Chinhae High Merchant Seamans School ( _ko. 진해고등상선학교).

After the Korean War it was merged with other similar institutions and moved to Busan. The name was changed to the National Maritime College ( _ko. 국립해양대학) in 1956.

In 1992, the college became a university with a graduate school, and was given the current name.

The university is one of the earliest national post-secondary educational institutions in South Korea, and the only post-secondary institution that specializes in maritime studies.


Undergraduate colleges

*Maritime Sciences
*Ocean Science and Technology
*International Studies

Graduate schools

General Graduate Schools

*Engineering (18 department)
*Natural Science (2 departments)
*Humanities and Social Studies (7 departments)

Professional Graduate Schools

*Maritime Industry
*Maritime Management Technology

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External links

* [http://www.hhu.ac.kr/ Korea Maritime University (Korean)]
* [http://english.hhu.ac.kr/ Korea Maritime University (English)]

since 2008, the president of korea maritime university is OH GUH DON.

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