Real-Time Control System

Real-Time Control System

The Real-time Control System (RCS) is a software system developed by NIST that implements a generic Hierarchical control system.


RCS has been used in automated manufacturing, robotics, and automated vehicle research at NIST. The software consists of a C++ library and GUI and configuration tools written a variety of software languages.

RCS applications

* Robocrane - RCS controlled a crane having six degrees of freedom. It incorporated tactile, proximity and vision sensors.
* Next Generation Inspection System - RCS controlled a Coordinate Measuring Machine, with sensors including analog touch probes, video camera, and laser rangefinder.
*Intelligent Autonomous Vehicles - RCS controlled a group of autonomous vehicles, at a high level coordinating their movements, and a low level controlling their steering, throttle and brakes. Sensors included an Inertial navigation system and differential GPS.
* Enhanced Machine Controller, or EMC - an NIST research project in CNC software that uses RCS.

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Hierarchical control system

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