Descendents of Cain

Descendents of Cain

Infobox Korean Film
name = Descendents of Cain

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caption = Poster for "Descendents of Cain" (1968)
director = Yu Hyun-mok [Infobox data from cite web |url=|title=Descendants of Cain ( Cain-ui Huye )(1968)|accessdate=2008-01-17|publisher= [ KMDb Korean Movie Database] |language=English "and" imdb title|0321571|Cainui huye (1968)]
producer = Seong Dong-ho
writer = Lee Sang-hyun
Hwang Su-won
narrator =
starring = Kim Jin-kyu
Moon Hee
music = Kim Dong-jin
cinematography = Lee Seok-chul
editing = Ree Kyoung-ja
distributor = Dong Yang Films Co., Ltd.
released = June 1, 1968
runtime = 107 minutes
country = South Korea
language = Korean
budget =
gross =
admissions =
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amg_id =
imdb_id = 0321571
hangul = 카인의 후예
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"Descendents of Cain" (카인의 후예 - "Kaineui huye") is an award-winning 1968 South Korean film directed by Yu Hyun-mok.


An anti-communist film depicting North Koreans extorting the land and property of civilians in the name of revolution after the liberation from Japan in 1945. [Synopsis from cite web |url=|title=Descendants of Cain ( Cain-ui Huye )(1968)|accessdate=2008-01-17|publisher= [ KMDb Korean Movie Database] |language=English]


* Kim Jin-kyu [Cast listing based on cite web |url=|title=Descendants of Cain ( Cain-ui Huye )(1968)|accessdate=2008-01-17|publisher= [ KMDb Korean Movie Database] |language=English]
* Moon Hee
* Park Nou-sik
* Jang Dong-he
* Jeong Min
* Choe Bong
* Yang Hun
* Jang hoon
* Kim Chil-seong
* Seong So-min


* Blue Dragon Awards (1968), Best Film [cite web |url=|title=Awards for Cainui huye (1968)|accessdate=2008-01-17|publisher=IMDB|language=English]




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