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Yun and Yang

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Wataru Takagi ("Street Fighter III", "2nd Impact")
Kentaro Ito ("3rd Strike", "Capcom vs. SNK 2") Yang:
Koji Tobe ("Street Fighter III", "2nd Impact")
Masakazu Suzuki ("3rd Strike", "Capcom vs. SNK 2")
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nihongo|Yun|ユン and nihongo|Yang|ヤン|Yan are a pair of video game characters appearing in the "Street Fighter" fighting game series. The characters are a pair of twin brothers known collectively as nihongo|the Lee Brothers|リー兄弟|Rī-kyōdai|Chinese: "Lǐ-xiōngdì". The twins made their debut in the original "Street Fighter III" and has also made appearances in "Capcom vs. SNK 2" and in the portable versions of "Street Fighter Alpha 3". Yun wears a blue baseball cap with a yellow visor, a sleeveless white kung fu shirt, yellow wristbands, and black pants and sneakers, while Yang wears a sleeveless salmon kung fu shirt, yellow wristbands, black pants and sneakers. The twins are two of few characters introduced in "Street Fighter III" who made appearances outside the "Street Fighter III" games.


In the original version of "Street Fighter III", Yun and Yang share the same frame in the character selection screen. Yun is the default character, selected with any punch buttons, while Yang is selectable by pressing any of the kick buttons, essentially making Yang an alternate design for Yun. In "Street Fighter III 2nd Impact", Yang was made into a separately selectable character and his playing style began to deviate from Yun in this installment. This was carried on in "Street Fighter III 3rd Strike".

In "Capcom vs. SNK 2", Yun was one of several Capcom characters added in addition to the original game's roster. In this incarnation, Yun is selectable by himself, although the player can summon his brother Yang for special attacks. Yun, along with Eagle and Maki, were then added to the portable versions of "Street Fighter Alpha 3" released for the Game Boy Advance and later for the PlayStation Portable ("Alpha 3 MAX"). Yun also appears in "Capcom Fighting Jam" for the PlayStation 2. His appearance in those two games are based on his "Capcom vs. SNK 2" incarnation.

Fictional history

Yun and Yang were separated from their birth parents when they were young. They were raised by an adoptive grandfather who runs a restaurant in Shanghai and have eight underground bosses as godfathers. By the time of "Street Fighter III", the two brothers are the leader of their local town. Yun, the elder of the two, is described as the more responsible of the two, while his younger brother Yang is calmer and more analytical.cite web|title=Character profiles from "Street Fighter III 2nd Impact"|url=|language=Japanese] Yun and Yang also have an unspecified family relationship with Lee, a character from the first "Street Fighter" game and one of the characters address the boys as the "Lee brothers" in their ending in "Street Fighter III".cite web|title=プチカプ第14回勝利は挑む者の拳に|url=|language=Japanese]

In "Street Fighter III 3rd Strike", Yun and Yang set off to fight a mysterious organization (Gill's group, the Illuminati) threatening to take over their village.cite web|url=|title=Character profiles from "Street Fighter III 3rd Strike"|language=Japanese] In their respective endings, Yun and Yang end up driving away Gill from their home town and the two return home to be greeted by their female friend Houmei and her younger sister Shaomei, who both harbor a respective crush on Yun and Yang.


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