St Hugh's College, Oxford

St Hugh's College, Oxford

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named_for = Saint Hugh, bishop of Lincoln
name_Latin = Collegii S. Hvgonis
established = 1886
sister_college = Clare College, Cambridge
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head = Andrew Dilnot
JCR President = Barry Wright
undergraduates = 367
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St Hugh's College is one of the constituent colleges of the University of Oxford, England, located on St Margaret's Road, North Oxford. It was founded in 1886 as a women's college, and accepted its first male students in 1986. As of 2006 the college had an estimated financial endowment of £27 million [ [ Oxford College Endowment Incomes, 1973-2006] (updated July 2007)] .


St Hugh’s occupies a rectangular site in the affluent North Oxford area. It is bordered by Banbury Road on the east, Woodstock Road on the west, St Margaret’s Road on the north and Canterbury Road on the south. The college is equally accessible via the main entrance on St Margaret's Road and the back gate, which opens onto Canterbury Road.

History of the College

Founded in 1886, St Hugh's was originally a women's only college, becoming coeducational a century later. It was founded by Elizabeth Wordsworth, a great-niece of the famous poet, William Wordsworth. Using money left to her by her father, a bishop of Lincoln, she named the College after one of his thirteenth century predecessors, Hugh of Avalon, who was canonised in 1220, and in whose diocese Oxford had been. Elizabeth Wordsworth was a champion of the cause of women's education, and her foundation was intended to enable poorer women to gain an Oxford education.

There are statues of both St Hugh and Elizabeth Wordsworth, presented to the College as gifts for its Jubilee in 1936, on the Library stairs. St Hugh carries a model of Lincoln Cathedral, which would have been very familiar to Elizabeth Wordsworth, and has his other hand resting on the head of a swan, probably the famous swan of Stow, although the swan is also a symbol of purity. Elizabeth Wordsworth is depicted wearing her doctoral robes.

The first male undergraduates were admitted in 1986 and now the College has an equal mix of men and women.

College life

Undergraduate students at the college and many graduate students are eligible for college accommodation on the main college site. There is a range of rooms and flats available which are decided by the room ballots organised by the student bodies.

The main entrance of the college leads straight to the Main Building, which usually accommodates first year students, but also houses the chapel and the dining hall. Other first year students may be accommodated in the 1960s style Kenyon Building. Second years either live in the Rachel Trickett Building, named for a past principal of the college, or the Mary Gray Allen Building. Wolfson Building consists of nine staircases. Finalists usually live in the newer Maplethorpe Building, whose rooms have en-suite facilities and clusters of eight rooms sharing a kitchen on each of the three floors, with four staircases altogether. All the rooms have views of gardens.

The college is big enough to accommodate all its undergraduates and a large proportion of its post graduates for the duration of their studies. There are two big lawns which are for the use of students all year round. The gardens are also the venue for croquet, tennis and frisbee, and St Hugh's is the only Oxford college with its own basketball courts. There are a wide range of clubs and societies, both sporting, academic, and those supporting niche interests.

The Principal of the college is Andrew Dilnot.

St Hugh's JCR

St Hugh's College has an active Junior Common Room (JCR), and one of the biggest JCRs in terms of numbers. The Current JCR President is Barry Wright. Previous JCR Presidents include Dr.Perkamentus - the most recent JCR President - and Martin McCluskey who is the current President of the Oxford University Student Union.

Notable former students

*Barbara Castle
*Emily Davison
*Patricia Duncker
*Liz Forgan
*Joe Goddard
*Stella Greenall
*Ruth Lawrence
*Barbara Levick
*Theresa May
*Myfanwy Piper
*Mary Renault
*Bridget Rosewell (economist)
*Aung San Suu Kyi
*June Tabor
*Joanna Trollope
*Kathy Wilkes

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* [ Official website]
* [ Virtual Tour of St. Hugh's College]
* [ Official JCR Website]

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