Samurai (disambiguation)

Samurai (disambiguation)

A samurai is a member of the Japanese warrior caste.

Samurai may also refer to:
*Samurai (superhero), a superhero on the "Superfriends" cartoon
*"Samurai" (board game), a German-style board game
*"Samurai" (Videopac game), a videogame for the Magnavox Odyssey
*Samurai (Dungeons & Dragons), a character class in the roleplaying game
*Samurai (Cyberpunk 2020), a band in "Cyberpunk 2020"
*"Samurai" (album),an album by Matti Nykänen
*"Le Samouraï" ("The Samurai"), a 1967 French film
*"The Samurai" (TV show), a Japanese TV series of the 1960s
*"Samurai Trilogy", a film trilogy starring Toshiro Mifune as Miyamoto Musashi
*Suzuki Samurai, a small SUV
*Samurai bond, a Japanese Yen-denominated bond issued by a foreign entity
*"The Samurai", a novel by Shusaku Endo
*"Samurai (top scan)", a ride at Thorpe Park and Lagoon Amusement Park

Samurai may also be used for:
*Samurai, the nickname of the Japanese national Australian rules football team
*"Samurai", an
*Samurai, an IRC client by Ninjaforce
*"Samurai", an album by Die Apokalyptischen Reiter
*"Samurai", a wargame by Avalon Hill

ee also

*Silver Samurai, a Marvel Comics character
*"Samurai Deeper Kyo", a manga series by Akimine Kamijyo

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