Phoebe Hearst Elementary School (San Diego)

Phoebe Hearst Elementary School (San Diego)

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name = Phoebe Hearst Elementary School
streetaddress = 6230 Del Cerro Blvd
region = Del Cerro
city = San Diego
state = California
zipcode = 92120
country = United States
principal = Robin Stern
enrollment = 410
grades = K-5
system = San Diego Unified School District
schooltype = Public
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Phoebe Hearst Elementary School is a public elementary school in the Del Cerro area of San Diego, California, under the San Diego Unified School District.cite news|title=Trustee's son, 9, is suspended for a day|work=The San Diego Union-Tribune|date=2003-04-26|accessdate=2008-01-16|url=|last=Moran|first=Chris] It educates around 410 students in grades K-5.cite news|title=Hearst Elementary School|work=Great Schools|accessdate=2008-01-16|url=]


The school was named after Phoebe Apperson Hearst, one of the founders of the modern Parent Teacher Association. The school's PTA branch grew out of the Allied Gardens branch of the PTA.

The first students were admitted in February, 1958 and the school was officially dedicated in January, 1959. The 2008-2009 school year will be celebrated as the 50th anniversary of the school.Fact|date=January 2008

Academic standards and discipline

Hearst Elementary was one of 11 San Diego Unified School District campuses honored for academic excellence by California Business for Academic Excellence, a group representing member businesses in the state. However, despite their relatively high score of 902 on California's Academic Performance Index, which assigns schools a score between 200 and 1,000 points, they scored only 2 out of 10 on the "similar-schools ranking" measure, which compares institutions with similar ethnic compositions; their scores fell after the similar-schools ranking was adjusted to account for the number of students whose ethnicity was unspecified. [cite news|title=Mistake is found in school rankings; Numbers erroneous for an API variable|work=The San Diego Union-Tribune|date=2006-04-09|accessdate=2008-01-16|last=Nguyen|first=Dan|url=]

The school has been affected by state budget cuts, leading to shortages in basic supplies; in 2004, a local real estate company held a community fundraiser to purchase pens, pencils, markers, erasers, and scissors for the school. [cite news|url=|work=NBC San Diego|date=2004-05-07|accessdate=2008-01-16|title=Local Realty Company Raises Funds For Schools]

In 2003, a district school board trustee criticized the school's implementation of the district zero-tolerance disciplinary policy when her nine-year old son was suspended for one day for bringing a butter knife to school for a science experiment. A teacher reported the boy to the principal after having seen the boy showing the knife to a friend.


Traffic remains a concern in the area around the school. Various measures to ameliorate the problem have been proposed, including a student valet program, which was successfully implemented at another district school; however, the principal at Hearst declined to initiate such a program out of concerns for student safety and the desire to protect students from rude parents. The school's newspaper publishes the license plate numbers of motorists who violate double-parking laws or cause other traffic issues. [cite news|work=The San Diego Union-Tribune|title=Youth valets give touch of class before classes|last=Magee|first=Maureen|url=|date=2003-01-06|accessdate=2008-01-16||quote=Hearst Elementary considered recruiting students to help with the morning traffic, but Principal Kimmie Lochtefeld abandoned the idea out of concern for the children. 'Some parents can be very rude,' Lochtefeld said. 'We didn't want to subject students to that.']

Parents and administrators at the school came into conflict with San Diego State University in 2005 over the university's plans to build faculty and student housing in the area; parents claimed that the planned 540-unit development would increase the number of cars passing through the street in front of the school to an unhandleable level. [cite news|title=Environment impact report assesses SDSU growth plan|url=|date=2005-01-23|accessdate=2008-01-15|work=The San Diego Union-Tribune] [cite news|url=|work=KFMB News|title=Citizens in Del Cerro plan to file suit against SDSU|date=2005-09-23|accessdate=2008-01-16]

Crime in the neighbourhood includes a 2002 robbery of a nearby coffeehouse by a man claiming to have a gun. [cite news|title=Gunman robs Del Cerro coffeehouse|date=2002-11-05|accessdate=2008-01-16|work=The San Diego Union-Tribune|url=]

Extracurricular activities

The school's Inventor's Showcase is held annually; some inventions submitted in 2006 include a more humane mousetrap, a house key hiding place disguised as a bird-feeder, and a solar-powered dog door. [cite news|work=USA Today|title=Children of Invention|last=Zimmerman|first=Eilene|url=|date=2006-04-23|accessdate=2008-01-16]

Two of their students also write movie reviews for "The San Diego Union-Tribune".cite news|url=|work=Mission Times-Courier|title=Hearst Elementary School|date=2007-12-21|accessdate=2008-01-16] Other events supported by the school's PTA include a book fair and the Fall Fiesta, an annual carnival. [cite news|title=Hearst Elementary School|url=|accessdate=2008-01-16|work=Mission Times-Courier|date=2007-10-26] [cite news|title=Hearst Elementary School|url=|date=2006-12-16|accessdate=2008-01-16|work=Mission Times-Courier]


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