Royal Nepal Army in Hyderbad Action - 1948

Royal Nepal Army in Hyderbad Action - 1948

After the British left India in 1947, British India was split into Republic of India and Pakistan. Religious violence between the Hindu and Muslim communities erupted in manyplaces. The Indian Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru requested Nepal to assist in controlling the situation. The Rana rulers of Nepal took the decision to send Nepalese troops into India after long discussions.

The Battalions which took part were Sri Nath, Kalibox, Kali Bahadur, Ganesh Dal, Shamsher Dal, NayaGorakh, Barda Bahadur, Devi Dutta, Sher, Bhawani Dal, Bhairab Nath, Mahindra Dal, Second Rifle, SuryaDal, Narshima Dal, Purano Gorakh, Gorakh Nath, Bhairung, Jabbar Jung and Kali Prasad. The RNA contingent was led by Maj Gen Sharada SJB Rana. These troops were deployed in many parts of India like Hyderbad, Ranchi, Calcutta, Dehradun, Ramgarh etc.

Nepalese troops contributed greatly to the stabilization of the situation. At the request of the Indian government, some RNA troops also took part in the action in Hyderabad State which was reined into the Indian Republic. After successful operations in Hyderbad, Nepalese troops stayed on for eight more months and finally returned back to Nepal in March 1949.

In the post WW II period, the RNA underwent a major overhaul. This ushered in a new era of professionalization and institutionalization of training. As ever, the RNA continued to provide noteworthy assistance to civil authorities responding to various natural calamities and disasters.

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