FOREST (an acronym for "Freedom Organisation for the Right to Enjoy Smoking Tobacco") is a United Kingdom political pressure group that campaigns for the right of people to smoke tobacco and opposes attempts to ban or reduce tobacco consumption. FOREST also disputes the health risks of smoking. Describing itself as the "voice and friend of the smoker",cite web | url= | title=FOREST website home page| accessdate=2007-06-05] FOREST has been accused of being an astroturf group, as it is primarily funded by the tobacco industry.cite web | url= | title=FOREST website: Frequently Asked Questions| accessdate=2007-06-05]


FOREST was officially founded in 1979 by former Air Chief Marshal Sir Christopher Foxley-Norris.

In 1987 Lord Harris of High Cross, general director of the Institute of Economic Affairs (1957-1989), was appointed chairman, a position he held until his death in October 2006. A long-term pipesmoker and an outspoken critic of public smoking bans, Ralph Harris wrote numerous articles and essays on the subject of passive smoking (inhaling others' secondhand smoke, also known as "sidestream smoke" or "environmental tobacco smoke"), including "Smoking Out The Truth: a challenge to the Chief Medical Officer" (2005).cite web
title=FOREST challenges Chief Medical Officer to prove that passive smoking kills 'thousands'

FOREST spokesmen appear regularly on television and radio in the United Kingdom and are frequently quoted by British newspapers as representatives of smokers. [cite web |url= |title=BBC NEWS | UK | Higher tobacco age limit in force |accessdate=2007-10-02 |format= |work=] [cite web |url= |title=Make tobacco illegal in UK - says the Lancet |accessdate=2007-10-02 |format= |work=] [cite web |url= |title=NO, says FOREST | the Daily Mail |accessdate=2007-10-02 |format= |work=] [cite web |url=,,895370,00.html |title=Campaigners hail tobacco ad ban | Special reports | |accessdate=2007-10-02 |format= |work=]


FOREST has been accused of being an astroturf group created and primarily funded by the tobacco industry. [cite journal |author=Brotchie I |title=UK: Scottish report exposes tobacco tactics |journal=Tobacco control |volume=14 |issue=6 |pages=366 |year=2005 |pmid=16319358 |doi=] FOREST's website states that it is funded 'mainly' by the tobacco industry. . Its establishent was planned by the Tobacco Advisory Committee, the British tobacco industry trade association

According to the document "Minutes of the 11th Meeting of the Public Relations Sub-Committee of TAC Held at Glen House, Stag Place, London, SW1. On Tuesday, 5th August 1979" members of the Public Relations sub-committee of the Tobacco Advisory Committee, the British tobacco industry trade association, were minuted as saying, prior to the creation of FOREST:

:"Mr. Knowles said that a recent conversation with Geoffrey Evans indicated that 'Forest' would now not be launched before mid-June. It as felt that, in view of some of the reservations expressed about this organisation by PR agencies, the delay would not be to our disadvantage."

:"Mr. Sanguinetti thought TAC should query the use of the name "Forest" in view of the unfortunate connotations that could be attached -- forest fires, backwoodsmen, etc. After discussion it was agreed that the Chairman should write to Sir Christopher Foxley Norris to let him know of our misgivings and propose a more straightforward title such as "Freedom to Smoke."

:"Members discussed how TAC and the Companies should respond to press enquiries following the organisation's launch. The Chairman said he thought TAC should reply that while they were aware of its existence Glen House had no connection with the new organisation and that enquiries should be directed to member companies. Mr. Mulholland proposed that his company should reply that Forest was an independent organisation, that it seemed a good idea for it to support smokers and that the company had provided financial support and nothing more." [cite web | url= | title=Minutes of the 11th Meeting of the Public Relations Sub-Committee of T.A.C. Held at Glen House, Stag Place, London, S.W.1. On Tuesday, 790508 | accessdate=2007-06-05]

Recent developments

In recent years FOREST has attracted the support of several high profile smokers including artist David Hockney, inventor Trevor Baylis, musician Joe Jackson, restaurateur and TV chef Antony Worrall Thompson, and Claire Fox, director of the Institute of Ideas. In September 2005 Hockney, Jackson and Fox all spoke at a fringe meeting organised by FOREST at the Labour Party conference in Brighton.

In February 2006, FOREST lost its fight against a total ban on smoking in enclosed public places in England from Summer 2007. This includes all pubs, bars, cafés and restaurants, as well as workplaces and private members clubs. Similar bans have come into force in Northern Ireland (Spring 2007) and Wales (April 2007). Scotland introduced its own public smoking ban in March 2006. Despite this, FOREST says it will continue to fight for freedom of choice. Current slogans include "Smokers are voters, too", "Enough is enough" and "Nanny state? No thanks".


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