Jiang Qin

Jiang Qin


Jiang Qin (168 – 219 A.D.), courtesy name Gongyi (公奕), was a military general for the Kingdom of Wu during the Three Kingdoms era of China. In the historical novel "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" by Luo Guanzhong, Jiang Qin was a pirate at the time he joined Sun Ce. He joined Sun Ce when Ce was taking over Liu Yao's territory in Jiangdong. Sun Ce trusted him greatly, and Jiang Qin was the holder of many titles, including "Army Guard of the Right". After Lü Meng's invasion of Jingzhou, Jiang Qin died of natural causes at the age of 51.


Early career

Jiang Qin, styled Gongyi, was from Shouchun in Jiujiang Commandery. He was an attendant under Sun Ce when he attacked Yuan Shu. When Sun Ce sailed back east, Jiang Qin was made Major with a Separate Command and given a military command. He accompanied Sun Ce in his expeditions around, and pacified the three commanderies [that were to be the base of Wu’s power] . After that he followed Sun Ce to conquer Yuzhang. Later, he was transferred to be Commandant of Geyang and then to govern three prefectures. During his tenure, he vanquished the Shanyue bandits and eventually was made Chief Commandant of the West. When the bandits Lü He and Qin Lang from Ye in Huiqi stirred up five prefecture, including Kuaiji and Dongye prefectures, in rebellion, Jiang Qin led troops to fight them, and captured the two rebels. As those five prefectures were pacified, he was relocated and promoted as the Imperial Guard General Who Defeats the Yue. He was also given Jingqu and Zhaoyang as his fiefs.

Hefei and Ruxu

When General He Qi went to fight the bandits at Yi, Jiang Qin joined him with ten thousand men and together they defeated the rebels. Jiang Qin was also a member of Sun Quan’s expedition to Hefei. When the Wei general Zhang Liao assailed Sun Quan at North Jin, Jiang Qin fought bravely and had many merits, and so Sun Quan made him General Who Terrifies Criminals, and Controller of Ruxu. Later on, he was recalled to the capital, made Commissioner of the Army of the Right, and given additional duties at the legal court.

Once, Sun Quan walked into the inner halls of Jiang Qin’s house, and found that Jiang’s mother only had a light bed-curtain and cotton blankets, and his wives and concubines wore only simple cloth dresses. Sun Quan, greatly impressed by Jiang Qin’s virtue of living a frugal life despite his high rank, ordered his own household to make silken blankets for Jiang’s mother, and to exchange her curtains for better ones. His wives and concubines were given silken and embroidered clothes.

In an earlier time, Jiang Qin was on guard at Xuancheng, and was out fighting the bandits at Yuzhang. Xu Sheng, the prefect of Wuhu at that time, arrested an official of Jiang Qin’s, and requested Sun Quan for permission to behead him. As Jiang Qin was away, Sun Quan denied the request, but since then Xu Sheng estranged himself from Jiang Qin. Some time after that, Cao Cao lead an army out of Ruxu, and Jiang Qin and Lü Meng were made in charge of military discipline. Xu Sheng was constantly worried that Jiang Qin would find some reason to cause him harm. However, instead of that, Jiang Qin frequently gave high praises of Xu Sheng. At that, Xu Sheng became convinced of Jiang Qin’s virtues, and the men who discussed these things at that time considered well of Jiang Qin.

Invasion of Jingzhou and Later Life

When Sun Quan did battle with Guan Yu at Jingzhou, Jiang Qin led the navy at Mian. On the way back, he fell ill and died. Sun Quan mourned for him personally in mourning apparel, and gave two hundred households and two hundred acres of land at Wuhu for the support of Jiang Qin’s family.

Jiang’s son, Yi, was made the Marquis of Xuancheng. He gained merits during the defence against Liu Bei, and returned to Nanjun where he fought with the Wei army. He died in battle there. Yi did not have offspring, and so his brother Xiu was given the military command, though he later was discharged due to misdemeanor.

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