Perm Krai

Perm Krai

Infobox Russian federal subject
EnglishName=Perm Krai
RussianName=Пермский край



AdmCtrOrCapital=Administrative center
FoundationDate=December 1, 2005
PoliticalStatusLink=Krais of Russia
EconomicRegion= Urals
HeadName=Oleg Chirkunov
PrimeTitle=Chairman of the Government
PrimeName=Nikolay Bukhvalov
Legislature=Legislative Assembly
ConstitutionName=Charter of Perm Oblast is in effect during the transitional period

Perm Krai ( _ru. Пе́рмский край, "Permsky kray") is a federal subject of Russia (a krai) that came into existence on December 1, 2005 as a result of the 2004 referendum on the merger of Perm Oblast and Komi-Permyak Autonomous Okrug. The city of Perm became the administrative center of the new federal subject.

Komi-Permyak Okrug retains its autonomous status within Perm Krai during the transitional period of 2006–2008. It also retains a budget separate from that of the krai, keeping all federal transfers. After that, Komi-Permyak Okrug's budget will be subject to the budgeting law of Perm Krai. The transitional period was implemented in part due to the fact that Komi-Permyak Okrug relies heavily on federal subsidies, and an abrupt cut would be detrimental to its economy.


Time zone

Perm Krai is located in the Yekaterinburg Time Zone (YEKT/YEKST). UTC offset is +0500 (YEKT)/+0600 (YEKST).

Administrative divisions


Vital Statistics for 2007: Source

Birth Rate: 12.02 per 1000

Death Rate: 15.82 per 1000

Net Immigration: -1.0 per 1000

NGR: -0.38% per Year

PGR: -0.48% per Year

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