House of Egmond

House of Egmond

The Egmond or Egmont family is named after Dutch town of Egmond and played an important role in the Netherlands during the Middle Ages. The family also had a link with Buren.

Eventually the family died out in the 17th century except for the "van Dijck van't Velde" branch also known as "Paats van Dijck".

Notable members of the family include:

*Arnold of Egmond (1410–1473), Duke of Guelders (1423-1465 and 1471–1473)
*Charles of Egmond (1467–1538), Duke of Guelders (1492-1538)
*Floris van Egmont (1470-1539), Count of Buren, stadtholder of Guelders (1507-1511) and Friesland (1515-1518)
*Maximiliaan van Egmond (1509-1548), Count of Buren, son of Floris van Egmont, stadtholder of Friesland (1540-1548)
*Anna van Egmont (1533-1558), daughter of Maximilian van Egmont, wife of William I of Orange
*Lamoral, Count of Egmont (1522-1568), Prince of Gavre, stadtholder of Flanders and Artois (1559-1568)

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