Al Diablo con los Guapos

Al Diablo con los Guapos

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show_name = Al Diablo con los Guapos

caption =
format = telenovelas
aka =
genre =
creator = Enrique Oscar Torres
writer =
director =
creat_director =
developer =
presenter =
starring = Allison Lozz
Andres Zuno
Marco Muñoz
Laura Flores
Tania Vazquez
Altair Jarabo
voices =
narrated =
theme_music_composer= K-Paz de la Sierra and Allison Lozz
opentheme = Al Diablo con los Guapos
composer =
country = MEX
language = Spanish
num_seasons =
num_episodes = 176
list_episodes =
executive_producer = Angelli Nesma Medina
co_exec =
producer = Juan Ignacio Alarcón
sup_producer =
asst_producer =
cons_producer =
co-producer =
editor =
story_editor =
location =
cinematography =
camera_setup =
runtime = 60 minutes
channel = Televisa
picture_format = NTSC
audio_format =
first_run =
first_aired = October 8, 2007
last_aired = June 6, 2008
preceded_by = Bajo las Riendas del Amor
followed_by = Cuidado con el Angel
related =
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imdb_id = 1132292
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"Al Diablo Con Los Guapos" ("Down with the Handsome Ones") is a Mexican telenovela made by Televisa.

This TV series is produced by Angelli Nesma Medina. Al Diablo con los Guapos premiered October 8, 2007 and ended June 6, 2008 at El Canal de las Estrellas.


Al Diablo Con Los Guapos (a remake of Argentinian soap opera "Muñeca brava" with Natalia Oreiro and Facundo Arana) is about a girl namd Milagros Allison Lozano and Alejandro Belmonte Eugenio Siller who face many challenges with other characters. Milagros, as a girl, loved soccer and plays well to the degree that in the convent where she was raised, they called her "Miligol". At the age of 18, she leaves the convent and finds work with lady Regina Belmonte - the matriarch of a family company. Regina sympathizes with Milagros immediately but the remainder of the family does not bear her self-assured character and her bad manners.

The son of Constancio Belmonte, Alejandro, is interested in Milagros because of her way of speaking captivates him. Little by little, between suits and discussions, the two begin to date although Milagros resists to accept him. She well knows Alejandro's fame of being Constacio's son fears her and believes she is going to be abandoned like her mother. Besides this, Alejandro is engaged to Andrea, his girlfriend.

Constancio Belmonte, Regina's son, detests his family and doesn't even try hide this. Especially to his wife Luciana, since his father obliged him to marry her which in turn separated him from Rosario, the love of his life. At the time, she was expecting a baby of his, but she disappeared without leaving a trace. As soon as he learned this, Constancio did not try to locate his child.Andrea and Alejandro start having problems. What Alejandro does not know is that Andrea only wants him for his money since he is the son of a well known man, Constancio. Andrea has secret love affairs with Constancio because she loves him.When Alejandro and Milagros confess their love for each other, they face many oppositions, but above all Andrea's. She is an ambitious woman who became Alejandros's fiancee in order to insure her future. She convinces "'Hugo", Alejandro's cousin who also is in love with Milagros, to help her separate them. Hugo accepts because he is in love with Mili, and their campaign of poisonous lies is successful. Alejandro and Mili are separated since Mili thinks that Andrea is actually having a baby by Alejandro. Andrea's farce is discovered, but before Mili and Alejandro can go back together, Pilar, an old friend of Alejandro's comes in between them. Milli and Alejandro's relationship gets rocky. Andrea gives Alejandro a little gift , recorded evidence that Hugo knew about Andrea's fake pregnancy and his role in the plot. When Alejandro is on the plane ready to leave, he opens the bag and listens to the tape. Alejandro gets off the plane and goes to tell Mili before she makes a big mistake.

At the wedding Alejandro kidnaps Mili and takes her to a faraway cabin. Hugo is chasing them on a motorcycle he catches then Hugo falls off of the motorcycle and forget he's memory. Alejandro and Mili spend time together and then as Alejandro and Mili are about to make love, Pilar, disgruntled by Alejandro leaving her alone on the plane without notice, storms into the cabin with a gun and almost shot Alejandro. Alejandro then is left there. Afterwards, Milagros and Alejandro return to the mansion. They are determined to defend their love. During everything that is happening, Alejandro takes some time off to think and meets a woman named Florencia. Alejandro then begins to have feelings for her. In the meantime, Alejandros's mom, Luciana is doing everything in her power to separate Alejandro and Milagros. His mother Luciana and his sister Valeria hate Milagros because she is a servant girl and they do not feel she deserves Alejandro.

Mili and Alejandro plan to secretly marry, vowing to tell no one. Luciana overhears Mili tell one of her best friend their plan to secretly get married. Luciana does all she can to stop that wedding. On the day of the wedding, Luciana follows Alejandro and Mili to the little church were they are going to be married. Mili goes into a little room to put on her wedding dress. Luciana sneaks into the church, and goes into the room where Mili is changing. Mili is surprised to see her there. Luciana tells her that she is the long lost daughter of her husband Constancio, therefore she is Alejandro's sister. With this news Mili sneaks out of the church, crying. Of course half of this was true. Constancio already knew this but by fear of losing his social position he stays quiet. Meanwhile Regina Belmonte, is leaving all her fortune to Mili because she loves her like a real granddaughter, she also adopted her. She is the only person from his family that wants them to be together. After she changes her will, she has a heart attack. She then is taken to the hospital. When Alejandro finds out, he believes that is the real reason why Milagros left the church. Mili gets to the hospital and sees Regina. Regina tells Mili that she is dying. Mili thinks this is her only chance to tell her grandmother that she is the granddaughter she has looked for years. Mili tells Regina the truth and Regina, finally dies. After that Valeria apologizes to Milagros and thanks her for taking care of her grandmother, Alejandro starts to notice that Mili has changed her attitude towards him. He later finds out from her that they are brother and sister, and he reluctantly accepts to marry Florencia who helped Luciana with the lie, as an effort to forget Milagros. When Alejandro says his last goodbyes, he leaves to live elsewhere. It is then that Luciana tells Milagros that she lied and they are not really related, but she tells her right after Alejandro had left the country.

Years pass and no one knows of Alejandro. Mili is about to tell him the truth when she realizes that Florencia is pregnant and decides to stay quiet. Love triangles form once again. Mili and Alejandro had sex on the beach in Mili's honeymoon. Later, Florencia sees her ex-husband and she becomes his girlfriend again because she realizes that Alejandro doesn't love her. Alejandro is free but Mili is not. The Mother Superior falls ill. Before she dies, she confesses to Constancio that Milagros's mother, Rosario is still alive. Rosario too is called to the Mother Superior's deathbed where she is told her daughter is alive and was also lied to about Rosario's death. Now called Rosella, the former Rosario goes to Braulio for help in finding and speaking to her daughter and in getting revenge against the Belmonte family for the pain she has been through. Then Mili finds out that Florencia came back. She's worried and thinks Florecia came back to take Rosario, her daughter. Rigoberto then beats up Florencia beacuse she went to go see Alejandro for help. Florencia got shot and killed by Rigoberto, then he kills himself after trying to kill Alejandro, but wounding Constancio in the process. In the hospital, Constancio sees the error of his ways, vows to be a better father figure to Alejandro, and blesses his union with Milagros. Alejandro and Mili finally get married. They got married in the soccer fields on a triple wedding with Valeria and Morgan and Hugo with Karla. All the couples grow old and have a bunch of grandchildren. Ten years later Luciana dies. Twelve years later Socorro dies and then five years later so does Constancio. Milli and Alejandro later die in the beach together where they had promised to die together.


* Allisson Lozano (Credited as Allison Lozz) - Milagros "Mili" Belmonte de Miranda
* Eugenio Siller - Alejandro Miranda Arango
* Cesar Evora - Constancio Belmonte Lascurain
* Laura Flores - Luciana Arango de Belmonte
* Altair Jarabo - Valeria Belmonte Arango de Juarez
* Alicia Rodriguez - Regina Lascurain, viuda de Belmonte
* Michelle Vieth - Pilar
* Marco Muñoz - Damian Arango
* Miguel Pizarro - Braulio
* Margarita Magaña - Karla Rodriguez de Arango
* Leticia Perdigon - Socorro / Amparo Rodriguez
* Jose Luis Cordero - Horacio
* Michelle Ramaglia - Lina (Adelina) de Cervantes
* Rafael Leon de los Cobos - Roberto "Bobby" Cervantes
* Ricardo Margaleff -Ricardo Rocky aka Morgan Juarez
* Tanya Vazquez - Andrea
* Georgina Salgado - Gloria
* Andres Zuno - Hugo Arango
* Luz Maria Jerez - Milena
* Alfonso Iturralde - Eugenio
* Dacia Gonzalez - Mother Superior
* Sheyla - Sor Cachete (Sor Catalina)/Macarena
* Carlos Cobos - Padre Manuel
* Cesar Eduardo Hernandez - Pablo
* Ariadne Diaz - Florencia
* Roberto Vander - Nestor Miranda
* Rossana San Juan - Roxana
* Arsenio Campos - Peralta
* Aitor Iturrioz - Mateo
* Manuela Ímaz - Marisela
* Roberto Blandon - Domingo
*Derrick James - Ramses
*Gloria Sierra - Nefertiti
* Maribel Guardia - Rosario Ramos/Rosella Dillano
*Daniel Ducong - Ramses

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