Volga Region

Volga Region

Volga Region (Russian: Поволжье, Povolzhye) is a historical region of Russia that encompasses the territories adjacent to the flow of Volga River. According to the flow of the river, it is usually classified into the Middle Volga Region and Lower Volga Region. A less common is term Upper Volga Region, which is not part of what is traditionally thought as Povolzhye.

Another notable distinction is the elevated right bank side featuring the Volga Upland and the left bank side or Trans-Volga Region, Transvolga (Russian: Заволжье, Zavolzhye), which consists of the elevated High Transvolga and the lowland Low Transvolga.

Idel-Ural region is also defined within Povolzhye.

In modern Russian Federation, the Volga Region is associated with the Volga Federal District and Volga economic region (rather different entities).

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