AP may refer to:

In companies and organizations:
* Associated Press, an American news agency
* A&P, Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company
* The IATA code for Air One
* Allied Press, a major New Zealand newspaper company
* Polish Aero Club ("Aeroklub Polski"), the Polish central association of persons practising air sports or recreational flying
* Acción Popular, a conservative liberal political party in Peru
* People's Action (Romania) ("Acţiunea Populară"), a liberal Christian-democratic non-parliamentary party in Romania
* Popular Alliance (Spain) ("Alianza Popular"), a former political party in Spain
* Armenian Power, an Armenian-American gang located in Los Angeles
* Absolute Poker, an online poker room

In science:
* Acetone peroxide, an explosive
* Applied physics, physics intended for a particular technological or practical use
* Ammonium perchlorate, an oxidizer used in solid rocket propellant
* Arithmetic progression, a sequence of numbers, each differing from its predecessor by a fixed quantity
* Action potential, a "spike" of electrical discharge that travels along the membrane of a cell
* Arterial pressure
* Area postrema, a part of the brain
* Alkaline phosphatase

In computing and video games:
* Access point, a device that connects wireless communication devices together to form a wireless network
* Action point, a point-system used in video games
* Attack power, measurement of attack strength in MMORPGs
* Ability point

In education:
* Advanced Placement Program, a program that offers college level courses at high schools across the United States and Canada
* Assistant principal, the assistant chief administrator in a school
* Ang Pamantasan, a Phillippine university student publication

In military:
* AP, the U.S. Navy hull classification symbol for transport support ships
* Armor-piercing shot and shell, a type of ammunition designed to penetrate armour and detonate
* AP, the United States postal abbreviation for U.S. military personnel in the Pacific Ocean region
* "Air Publication", a document written by the Royal Air Force describing various parts of its structure

In workers:
* Au pair, a domestic assistant living with a host family in a foreign country
* Asset protection, private security in retail stores and other places

In places:
* Andhra Pradesh, a state in southern India
* Arunachal Pradesh, a state in north-eastern India

In other uses:
* Accounts payable, one of a series of accounting transactions covering payments to suppliers
* "Alternative Press" (magazine), a music magazine
* Anno Persico or Anno Persarum, a Latinization of Iranian calendar years
* Advanced Parole, a United States immigration law term
* Asian pride, a slogan
* Attachment parenting, a parenting philosophy
* "ap", a Welsh patronym
* Ap (water), the Vedic Sanskrit term for water
* Adjectival phrase, a term used in linguistics to denote a phrase with an adjective as its head
* Autopilot, automatic, assisted vehicle piloting

See also

* A&P (disambiguation)
* AP Poll

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