List of characters in the Alien vs. Predator series

List of characters in the Alien vs. Predator series

This article is a list of characters and actors from the films "Alien vs. Predator" (2004) and "" (2007). These films brought together the fictional storylines and creatures of the "Alien" and "Predator" science fiction franchises, serving as sequels to the two "Predator" films and prequels to the four "Alien" films. Although the creatures had previously been crossed-over in other media such as comic books and video games, these films represented the first time that they had appeared together in feature films.

Lance Henriksen was the only previous actor from either the "Alien" or "Predator" films to appear in one of the crossover films. Henriksen had portrayed the android Bishop in "Aliens" (1986) and a man claiming to be the android's creator in "Alien 3" (1992). He returned to the franchise for "Alien vs. Predator" to portray Charles Bishop Weyland.

"Alien vs. Predator"

Alexa "Lex" Woods

The heroine of "Alien Versus Predator". Lex is recruited by Maxwell Stafford to be the guide for a team of explorers and scientists that is sent by Weyland Industries to explore a pyramid located under Bouvet Island. During the expedition, she and her team accidentally start a 'coming of age' rite for the Predators ahead of schedule by removing the Predators' plasma cannons, thus leaving them with only melee weapons to use against the Aliens.

However, after several of the expedition members are killed, and only one of the Predators, known as Scar, is left alive, the two of them join forces after Lex kills an Alien that ambushes the two. Lex provides Scar with his plasma cannon while he jury rigs her a makeshift shield and spear out of the remains of the dead Alien.

After the last surviving member of the team, Sebastian De Rosa is killed, they set a bomb in the hive to destroy the temple. Lex and Scar attempt to evacuate, but are once again attacked by aliens. Lex manages to kill one before they are all called by the queen. Taking the opportunity, they flee the temple before it is destroyed. After they rise to the surface, Scar subsequently marks her a warrior in recognition of her defeat of two of the Aliens.

Following the attack of the Alien Queen, Scar is killed. After helping Lex tip the queen into the ocean, Lex is confronted by the rest of the Predators as they collect Scars' body. Recognizing her mark, the commander of the Predator ship (known as Elder) leaves her one of their Combi-Sticks as a trophy before departing, leaving her to contact her ship and report on the fate of the expedition.

Charles Bishop Weyland

The CEO of Weyland Industries, dying of an unspecified disease and desperate to make his mark on history before he dies. He hires a team of archaeologists, scientists, and explorers to explore the pyramid located in Antarctica, believed to be the first pyramid ever built due to its structure, combining elements of all the great ancient civilizations.

Unlike the company that will continue into the "Alien" series, he is a fundamentally good person; when the Aliens attack, he refuses to abandon the guns they acquired earlier because he feels that "Too much has been lost to leave with nothing" although, this may indicate towards the 'greedy corporate image' later seen in the franchise. He is eventually killed by Scar after he stays behind to allow Lex and Sebastian time to escape. He is man-handled by the Predator, and then later slain by the antagonist, who uses his wrist blades. Prior to this, Weyland makes a last ditch attempt to thwart Scar in using an unknown combustible chemical to incinerate the Predator.

Graeme Miller

An engineer and a member of the expedition crew. He befriends Alexa and Sebastian on the helicopter ride to the pyramid. During so, it is revealed that he has two boys. He also seems to be somewhat nervous and anxious most of the time.

When the pyramid shifts, he is trapped in a small room with Verheiden. He tells him that they have to continue if they are to get home their boys. However, when they are traveling on through the pyramid, it shifts once more, separating the two. Once Verheiden is taken away, he sees an alien at the end of the room and is dragged off to the hive. Once there, he awakens to find an egg opening before him and a facehugger ready to leap. Still attached to the wall, he manages to get a hold of Connors' gun and shoot the alien repeatedly. He then realizes that there are several other eggs opening in response to this. He utters "oh, shit" under his breath, before he begins shooting once again. He then is heard to have yelled aloud and then the shooting stops.

He is later discovered to be dead by Alexa and Scar with the vanquished facehugger on the floor and his chest having been ripped open.

Maxwell Stafford

Weyland's right-hand man, Stafford was a member of the team sent into the ancient pyramid. He is one of three people to become targets for the predators, after taking their ceremonial hunting guns. After the pyramid shifts, he is attacked by a Celtic and is trapped under a burning net. He pleads for Weyland to help him, but it proves fatal. He is killed when Celtic subsequently impaled him with his Combi-Stick.


The head of the expedition's drill team, he is attacked by the predators after stumbling across the corpses of their previous victims. He attempts to physically assault the predator, only to be hit with one of the predator's wrist blades, throwing him into the hole in the ice that leads to the pyramid. He awakes to find himself lying near the entrance to the pyramid as the Predators walk by him. He expresses relief, believing that they ignored his presence, only to be killed by the final Predator seconds afterward.


One of the mercenaries hired to protect the explorers. He was separated from the rest of the group after the pyramid chambers start shifting. He was apparently dragged away by an Alien to the hive. He is seen later, cocooned with a facehugger attached to his head and a gun still stuck to his hand.

Sebastian De Rosa

A member of the team of explorers hired by Weyland to explore the pyramid, he serves as the team's archaeologist and linguist, translating the writings on the walls of the pyramid to learn the story of the Predators and the hunts. He is revealed to owning a prized possession; a Pepsi bottle cap and says that it is used for good luck. He becomes good friends with Alexa and Miller.

When the pyramid shifts, he gets trapped with Weyland, Stafford and Alexa. After a Predator attack, he and Alexa are the only ones remaining. After being chased by Scar, the pyramid shifts, just in time for them to escape into another room. There, they watch Scar kill a facehugger and an Alien, then witness him mark himself with its blood. After Sebastian translates the hieroglyphs around them to learn that the Predators have come to Earth as part of a ritual to prove themselves, Alexa and Sebastian conclude that they must return Scar's gun to him, as it is the only way to vanquish the Aliens.

When the pyramid shifts once more, they are chased by aliens to a cliff, where Alexa just misses the other side and Sebastian is forced to lift her up. Just then, Grid appears right next to him and drags him off to the hive. When Alexa climbs back up, she finds his Pepsi bottlecap lying on the floor. Later, she and Scar rind him cocooned in the hive. He pleads for her to kill him, having stated that "it" is already inside of him. She honors his wish and shoots him in the head just before a chestburster emerges from his stomach. Scar manages to catch the Chestburster in his hand, where he snaps its neck.


The only female member of the exploration team. She is seen to have a good measure of common sense, while at the same time having an element of sexual humor; when Alexa asks her why she is taking a gun on the expedition, Rousseau states it's "the same principle as a condom; [she'd] rather have one and not need it than need it and not have one".

She becomes the first victim of a facehugger/chestburster, after she is put in charge of studying the sacrificial chamber where the facehuggers emerge. She awakes to find a dead facehugger next to her and all the other people in the room with facehuggers on them. She takes off her jacket and begins to moan and convulse, spitting up blood. She lets out a horrific scream, as the chestburster rips through her chest.


A nerdy and talkative member of the exploration team. He is left in charge of the sacrificial chamber with Rousseau. He becomes the victim of a facehugger, and though it is not shown, his death was caused by a chestburster.


One of the mercenaries hired to protect the explorers, he, along with Stafford is one of the team members to take one of the predators' ceremonial guns, thus making him a target of the predators. When the pyramid shifts, he sees Connors in trouble, but does nothing. Despite him keeping his distance, he gets trapped in a small room with Miller, where it is revealed that he has one child awaiting him at home.

With that encouragement given, he continues to move through the pyramid. However, immediately afterwards, the floor moves out from under him, dropping him down a hole and breaking his legs. As he screams for Miller to get him out, the floor closes back up above him. He then spots an Alien down the hallway that he fell into. He grabs hold of a machine gun that is covered in slime (this was the same room that Connors fell into) and attacks the Alien. After screaming his last words "You wanna piece of me? You ugly son of a bitch!" he turns and sees the alien right next to him. He is then killed by the Aliens.


An Alien responsible for the killings of the first two predators (Chopper and Celtic). It is implied that he is Rousseau's "child". He was given the name "Grid" after he was caught in the Celtic's net and a grid-like pattern was burned into his head. He was one of the aliens who attacked Scar, and was the only one to have dodged one of his plasma blasts. He is presumed to have died in the explosion with the other aliens after freeing the queen from her chains.


There was a total of ten other Aliens (not including Grid or any facehuggers) that were born throughout the film. Their deaths and previous kills are as follows:

1. An alien that finds Scar alone in a room of the temple. However, when he prepares to kill him, Scar reacts and slices the front of his face clean off.

2. An Alien that finds Sebastian and Lex hanging from a cliff and then drags Sebastian off to the hive. He battles Scar and Lex but is then called by the queen alien. He is killed in the pyrimid's explosion.

3. An Alien that erupted from Sebastian's stomach when he was killed. However, he is instantly grabbed by Scar and has his neck snapped.

4. An Alien that discovers Connors and Verheiden, then drags both of them off to the alien hive. His death is caused when Scar shoots him with his plasma cannon.

5. An Alien that discovers Miller and drags him off to the hive. His death is caused when he battles Lex. When he lunges at her, he is unexpectedly impaled by Scar's Combi-Stick, which Scar had dropped earlier and Alexa managed to grab.

6. An Alien that is killed by Scar's plasma cannon.

7. Same as above.

8. An Alien that battles Scar and Lex, but is called by the Queen Alien before he can do much damage. He is killed in the pyramid's explosion.

9. An Alien that battles Scar and Lex. She is killed when she leaps onto Scar and attempts to kill him. However, Lex then pulls out a drilling rifle and shoots her with such force that her back is ripped open, instantly killing her.

10. The Predalien, seen hatching from Scar at the end of the film.


Three Predators (nicknamed Scar, Celtic and Chopper) were sent to the pyramid to prove themselves to the elders. The first to die (Chopper) was speared through the chest by an Alien's (who is later known as "Grid") tail. The second (Celtic), battled Grid, delivering some injuries, but eventually lost control and was killed by the "Grid" Alien's inner mouth. The third one, Scar was the only one to slay any aliens, joining forces with Alexa Woods to escape the temple. Having marked her as a warrior in recognition of her defeat of the Aliens, and subsequently aiding her in defeating the Alien queen, Scar was impaled by the queen's tail before her demise. After his body was removed by the other Predators, it was revealed that he had become the host for a Predalien. An Elder Predator appears at the end of the film and gives Alexa his ceremonial spear as a recognition of the mark.

Queen Alien

The queen was put in suspended animation by predator technology, but was awaken when the hunt began. She immediately started laying eggs and was eventually freed by her "hive". She was presumably killed when Lex and Scar managed to wrap a chain around her and sent her crashing into the icy Antarctic Ocean.

Unknown Drill Team

A group of 6 people who where incharge of drilling, they stayed above the surface to help the research team come back up. When the Predators attacked, all 6 were caught off guard and slaughterd inside the kitchen of the Abandoned Whale Station.

Unknown Mercernaries

There where other unnamed mercenaries and researchers with the group.

1:Killed in the sacrificial chamber.

2-4: Same as above.

5:Stabbed through heart from a Predators pike and died instantly.

6:Choked by an invisible noose from a predator when traveling through the pyramid with the exploration group. He is then lifted up to the ceiling where the Predators kill him.

7:Killed by the Predator in kitchen.

8:Killed by being impaled by pike in the kitchen.

9-12: Same as above.

"Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem"

Dallas Howard

Dallas Howard, an ex con and the film's main protagonist, returns to Gunnison, Colorado after his time in prison. He is Ricky's older brother and good friend's with Sheriiff Eddie Morales. He was portrayed by Steven Pasquale.

When Ricky comes home to find Dallas back from his time in prison he tells him about Dale having attacked him and that his car keys are lost in the sewer. He offers to help Ricky get them back, but only after thoroughly arguing. In the sewers, they manage to find the keys, but not after Ricky sees a newborn alien chestburster swimming through the sewage. They then hear an alien hissing at the end of the tunnel, and flee.

When the aliens attack, he and Morales take the teenagers along with Darcy to a radio store where they find a few more refugees; two clerk owners. However, they are ambushed and are forced to split up into two groups, Dallas leading Kelly, Molly, Ricky, Jesse and Drew and Morales leading Darcy and several others.

After they get through the hospital, Jesse and Drew having been killed and Ricky having been impaled, Dallas finds Wolf's plasma pistol and uses it as his weapon. The group travels to the helicopter on the rooftop's building and are attacked by a brigade of aliens. Escape seems almost impossible, until Dallas manages to blow a hole through the wall with the pistol, allowing them to leave.

When the group finally makes it to the helicopter, Dallas stays behind to buy them time. Using the pistol, he kills several aliens and is almost overpowered. Just when the copter is about to take off, Wolf finds him and attempts to steal the pistol back. Just before then, he is attacked by the Predalien, allowing Dallas to board the copter.

They manage to fly away, but the town's explosion causes turbulence, forcing them to crash. Dallas awakes, dazed, to find a group of camouflaged troops surrounding the group, where Dallas finally gives up the gun in return for medical help for Ricky.

Ricky Howard

Dallas Howard's younger brother and Jesse's love interest. He is an enemy of Dale, as Jesse shows interest in him. However, Ricky doesn't seem to hate Dale back. It is revealed that he works as a pizza delivery boy with Drew as his manager. He is portrayed by Johnny Lewis.

His role in the film begins when Drew assigns him a delivery at Jesse's house. When he gets there, he realizes that Dale is also at the house with his two friends, Nick and Mark. They treat him badly while there, but cause no physical damage until Ricky is at his car, ready to leave. The three attack him, steals his keys, and throw them in the nearest drain.

He gets home to find Dallas back from jail. he asks him to help get his keys back, and agrees. When in the sewer, they see the keys in the bottom of a pile of muck and when they attempt to reach them, find an alien chestburster swimming throughout the water. Frightened, the two flee the sewers with Ricky's keys.

A while later, Ricky meets up with Jesse at the local pool. However, Dale and his cronies meet them there and push Ricky into the water unaware that the Predalien is lurking through the water. Jesse yells for them to get out, but not before two of Dale's cronies are viciously impaled, then devoured.

Ricky escapes and travels with his older brothter in order to locate the helicopter at the rooftop. However, Jesse is killed by Wolf when he accidentally hits her with his shurikens. Ricky, enraged, attacks Wolf and pushes him down an elivator shaft, causing him to drop his plamsa gun. Immediatly afterword, he is impaled by an alien, but manages to get to the helicopter and survive before the bomb is launched.

Kelly O'Brien

Kelly O'Brien comes home after serving her time in the U.S. Army, to an estranged daughter, Molly and her awaiting husband, Tim. during the attack she watching her husband Tim battle with a alien she then fleds with Molly to the local graveyard and sees a man getting killed by the predator, she Molly later head to a sporting goods store where Dallas and a few others are hiding. Later she con convinces the others to avoid Gilliam Circle i.e the center of town for the airlift because she says the army thinks about containment because they don't want to make it worse. together She with Dallas Ricky and Molly ecape the town on the helicopter after losing Drew and Jesse. She is portrayed by Reiko Aylesworth.

Molly O'Brien

Kelly and Tim O' Brien's daughter. She becomes traumatized by the aliens and the fact her father is killed in the attack.


Molly's father and Kelly's husband. After Kelly's time in the army, it is revealed that he has become Molly's "mother role" after she denies her mother to read her a bed-time story. He is killed when Molly says that she saw a monster outside her bedroom window. When he looks outside, an alien attacks him. As he holds him off, he tells Kelly to take Molly and run. He is unable to overpower the alien and is killed.

Deputy Ray

A co-worker of Morales. He is sent to investigate the hunting pairs' deaths, where he finds Wolf disintegrating their bodies with a strange blue liquid, so that there is no evidence of the aliens. When he attempts to sneak away, dispatch accidentally began talking to him, and is killed by Wolf. The next morning his body is discovered by Morales, skinned and hung up in a tree.

Deputy Joe

A co-worker of Morales. His job involved handling the homeless people living in the sewers. However, when one of their dogs displays Buddy's rotting arm, he leaves the case alone. He is supposedly killed in the town's explosion.


Sam's mother and Buddy's wife. She is definitely killed in the town's explosion.


Deputy Ray's wife, as well as the owner of the town's local diner. She is killed when the aliens attack the diner and kill her fry cook, Ritchie. She is then impregnated by the Predalien and is discovered by Darcy with her chest burst wide open.

Harry and other homeless people

A group of people living in the sewers illegally. When Joe tries to get them out of the sewer, Harry calls his dog, who then brings to them Buddy's rotting arm. Joe, completely repulsed, leaves and they continue to live in the sewage. Later, they are attacked by facehuggers (Harry manages to grab on to one of them before it can clamp on to his face, but is soon impregnated as well).

The two victims are soon discovered by the only female homeless woman with the facehuggers still attached to their heads. Suddenly, the Predalien approaches her. She pleads for her not to kill her, but is soon impregnated. Though it is not shown, they are all killed by the chestbursters. Later, they are disintegrated by Wolf, to cover up the evidence.


A fry-cook at the town's local diner. He is killed when the Aliens attack the eatery.


One of Dales' cronies with an African background. He along with Nick, help him constantly assault Ricky. He is killed when they find Ricky and Jesse at the school's pool and an alien discovers them. They all push Ricky into the pool, but are also dragged down. The alien then slid into the pool and impales Mark, instantly killing him. He is then feasted upon by the Alien, and later, disintegrated by Wolf.


One of Dales' cronies. Along with Mark, he help him constantly assault Ricky. When they find Ricky and Jesse at the pool, He falls into it and is attacked by an alien, but manages to get out of the pool before he can be killed. When the group is climbing out of a window to escape, he is the last to climb out and is grabbed by an Alien. Ricky manages to grab a hold of him, but is soon overpowered and Nick is pulled back in. His blood is then splattered on the windowpane.

Sam and Buddy

A father and son hunting pair who see the crash landing of the Predator ship. When Buddy sees a facehugger escape from its tube, the two flee the scene with the parasites in hot pursuit. However, Sam trips, giving the Aliens an advantage. They begin by leaping at Buddy, who manages to shoot it. However, the facehugger's acid blood burns through his arm, allowing another facehugger to attack, and this time, successfully. With his father unconscious, Sam is unprotected and also gets impregnated.

A few hours later, they wake up to find the three dead facehuggers next to them. Soon, Buddy gives birth to a chestburster before Sam's eyes, as does he. They are later disintegrated by Wolf, with Deputy Ray watching in the background.

Colonel Stevens

The governmental leader in charge of nuking the town of Gunnison. He is informed by Morales that a helicopter is needed. He gives him false information that the chopper is in the middle of town, due to health restrictions. Later, he is given Wolf's plasma pistol where he hands it to Ms.Yutani, who states that "our world isn't ready for this kind of technology". Stevens then says that "this isn't for our world, is it, Ms. Yutani?"


Ricky's girlfriend and Dale's ex-girlfriend. She is killed when the Wolf Predator accidentally cuts her in half and pins her upper body to the wall with his shurikens.


Jesse's ex-boyfriend and an enemy of Ricky. He dies when Wolf kills an alien that falls on top of him and its acidic blood burns into his face.

Sheriff Eddie Morales

The town sheriff. He greets Dallas when he returns to Gunnison, but also shows a small hatred towards him at some times. He receives a call for help from Dallas during the alien invasion, but does not believe him until an alien breaks into his house and kills his wife. He later joins a group of survivors waiting for a rescue. He dies when the nuclear device is dropped and is killed along with the survivors, the Predator, the Aliens , and the Predalien.


He is Ricky's manager at a pizza restaurant and hired him mainly because he had a love interest in Ricky's swimming trainer. During the attack, he travels with Ricky, Jesse, Molly, Kelly and Dallas to the helicopter. He says that he was attacked but couldn't do anything to help his friends, whom he watched die. He is somewhat self-centered, as he complains when Dallas tells him to protect Kelly so that she can pilot the helicopter. While traveling through the hospital, he is attacked and killed by an alien, but it is uknown how.

Unnamed man

A man who Kelly and her daughter Molly meet behind a stone in the local graveyard he is seen carrying a gun by Wolf who kills him, too.


A Predator warrior that received the distress signal from the dying Predator ship and traveled to Earth to "clean up". He murders Deputy Ray, two clerks also kills an armed man, and accidentally kills Dale and pins Jesse to the wall with his shurikens. Angered by Jesse's death, he is attacked by Ricky where he drops his plasma pistol and is knocked down an elavator shoot, but manages to survive the fall. He was killed in the midst of a struggle with the Predalien, in which he ripped out its inner jaw and stabs her through the head, but it's acidic blood sprayed across his chest. Soon afterword, the nuclear device is dropped and he is set ablaze. It is unknown if either of these caused his death.

The Predalien

The film's main antagonist and the strongest of the previous Alien Queen's children. She rose from the dead Predator Scar and eventually grew to full size and killed every Predator on the ship. The ship crashed on Earth in Colorado, and the latter Aliens soon swarmed over the town with the Predalien as the leader. The Predalien, (as said by the film makers) is a young Queen: she can impregnate female victims by implanting several chestburster embryos down their throat. She was killed along with Wolf and the other aliens during the nuclear explosion.

Unnamed Deaths

There are a few deaths (not including the deaths caused by the town's explosion) that were also caused. They are:

-Two stoned clerks hiding out in their shop. They are killed by Wolf when he shoots their heads with his plasma cannons, spilling their blood everywhere.

-A doctor working at the hospital during the attack, unaware that it has become the Predalien's hive. When he sees that a pregnant woman's readings become faint, he goes out to see what is going on and sees the woman give birth to several chestbursters. When he turns around to go back to his office, he sees the Predalien right behind him, who kills him by unhooking it's inner jaw.

-A nurse taking care of a pregnant woman whose water has just broke. When she leaves the room, the Predalien strangles and kills her.

-Two pregnant women, one whose water just broke. She is impregnated by the Predalien in front of the other woman, who is either killed in the town's explosion, or is also impregnated.

-Several unamed national guardsmen that are ambused and killed by the aliens when they attempt to protect the town.A few of them may have survived the initial encounter as some automatic weapons are heard on the center of the city were the bomb is dropped.

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