Free Spirit Alliance

Free Spirit Alliance

The Free Spirit Alliance (FSA) is a spiritual networking organization serving the Pagan and Pantheist religious communities. Founded in 1986 and based in the Mid-Atlantic area of the USA, the Alliance's focus has been on presenting national, regional, and local events where people from all backgrounds can learn and share ideas. The Alliance states it has striven to develop a national reputation for their ability to work with often sensitive and personal issues in a safe, warm, and nurturing environment.

FSA’s main events are the Sacred Sexuality Beltane Festival (held over four days at Beltane in May), its summer Free Spirit Gathering, and starting in 2008 its September Fires of Venus event [ [ Fires of Venus ] ] . All of these are currently held at a remote camp in Maryland.

The Free Spirit Gathering is by far the organization's largest event, attracting people from as far away as Washington, California, Hawaii, Texas, Minnesota and Canada.

The Free Spirit Alliance also hosts the unique, adults-only Sacred Sexuality Beltane Festival, which is the only festival of its type in the country. Smaller in size than the FSG, Beltane attracts about 250 people each spring.

FSA also sponsors several other smaller events and rituals in the Washington, DC and Maryland areas.

FSA sponsors an annual scholarship. The program consists of two $500 awards given to students in an undergraduate/postsecondary program of higher learning.

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