Duquette (surname)

Duquette (surname)
Family name
Region of origin France
French Canadian
Related names Ducquette, Duquette, Duquete, Ducquet, Duquet, Duquais, Duchet, Duchez, Duchey, Duchette, Duchais, Duche

Duquette is a French-origin surname. There are several variants, some more common amongst French Canadians. It is uncommon as a given name.[1]

People with the name or its variants include:

  • Dan Duquette (b.?)), American former baseball executive
  • Jim Duquette (b.?), American baseball executive
  • Lon Milo Duquette (born 1948), American writer, lecturer, and occultist
  • Steve Duquette (b.?), American cartoonist
  • Christian Duquette , A Canadian Forces winner of the St. Georges Cross
  • Jacob Duché (1737-1798), American colonist, chaplain to the Continental Congress
  • Jacob Duché, Sr. (1708-1788), American colonist, mayor of colonial Philadelphia


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