Australian Aluminium Council

Australian Aluminium Council

The Australian Aluminium Council is an Australian industry trade group representing companies involved in bauxite mining and the refining, production and distribution of aluminium.

Ron Knapp has been the CEO of the Australian Aluminium Council since 2001.


Council members include some of Australia's largest companies, including Alcoa, Alcan, Rio Tinto Aluminium, OneSteel, and Norsk Hydro. Member companies of the Australian Aluminium Council produce 30 percent of global alumina sales and are collectively the fifth largest producer of aluminium. The Australian aluminium industry employs 30,000 workers and generates export earnings worth over $5.8 billion. [cite web| title=Australian Aluminium Council Submission to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Resources| publisher=Parliament of Australia| month=August| year=1999| url=| accessdate=2008-01-09]

Role of the Council

The Council lobbies government regarding industry regulation and conditions and promotes the use of Australian aluminium products nationally and internationally. A technical standards group within the Council also develops and maintains material specifications and technical data for industry use, and the Council produces an annual statistical analysis of materials consumption, aluminium production and exports by Australia's six aluminium smelters and one aluminum-rolled product plant. [cite web| title=Aluminium Production, Consumption and Trade| publisher=National Statistical Service| month=November| year=2007| url=| accessdate=2008-01-09]

As an industry advocate, the Council has strongly opposed greenhouse gas emissions trading schemes on the basis that anti-emission technology is insufficient to minimise the cost impact on producers, and that international action on greenhouse gases should precede Australian programs. [cite web| title=National Emissions Trading Taskforce Discussion Paper - Possible Design for a National Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Scheme: Response by the Australian Aluminium Council| publisher=National Emissions Trading Taskforce| month=December| year=2006| url=| accessdate=2008-01-09] The Council also notes that while greenhouse gas emissions from Australian aluminium smelters rose 29 percent since 1990 to a peak of 13.9 million tonnes in 2006, this lags behind a 64 percent increase in aluminium production over the same period. [cite web| title=Sustainability Report 2006| publisher=Australian Aluminium Council| pages=p7| year=2006| url=| accessdate=2008-01-09]


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