"Alo!" is a daily tabloid newspaper published in Belgrade, Serbia.

Launched by Ringier AG (owners of another Serbian daily "Blic") on Monday, October 15, 2007, "Alo!" attempts to establish itself on the saturated Serbian daily tabloid market through aggressive campaign that announces it as 'Najveće dnevne novine u Srbiji' ("the biggest daily in Serbia") - referring to its format size. Its editor-in-chief is Ana Ćubela and it's published on 16 pages every day.

It also tries to gain market share by initially setting its price at RSD9, which is lower than other established Serbian tabloids such as "Blic", "Press", and "Kurir" that are mostly sold at RSD10 and RSD15. "Alo!"s first two issues were distributed for free. []

"Alo!" appeared on the Serbian market around the time many other similar tabloid dailies such as "Pravda", "Sutra", and "Gazeta" hit the stands as well, raising questions of their financial viability and political allegiance. [] [] []

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